Rumor: iPad Air 2 to come with an A8 processor and 8MP camera

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ipad-air1The alleged iPhone 6 may be the center of attention for the rumor mill, but the iPad is also due for a refresh this fall. It’s likely it will feature a similar set of hardware improvements as with the iPhone 6, especially when it comes to the processor and other internals.

According to a new report from a Korean publication ETNews, Apple’s iPad Air 2 display production is set to begin this month, with the production of other components beginning soon.

The upcoming iPad Air 2 will come with a 9.7-inch Retina display sporting a resoluton of 2,048 by 1,536, and will carry a similar design as the current iPad Air, but with a bump in the internal specificaitons. LG Display will kick off the production this month, with Sharp and Samsung expected to begin next month.

It’s also said to come with the A8 processor that will make its way to the iPhone 6. It’s also said to come with an improved 8MP camera for photos and videos, the same one which ships with the iPhone 5s. It will have a larger sensor, which helps the device capture great shots in low-light conditions. This should be a big improvement over the 5MP camera that ships with the iPad Air. Additionally, it will also run iOS 8 as its operating system, which was unveiled at WWDC 2014.

Some rumors also suggest Apple will integrate the Touch ID sensor in the upcoming iPad lineup, but there’s no confirmation as of now.

There’s no word about the launch, but we’re expecting it may take place in October, a similar timeframe as the last year’s iPad Air. As far as the iPad Mini successor is concerned, it should feature a similar set of improvements.

Via [Macrumors]

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