Review: Sparkbeats case for iPhone 5/5s

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For those who like to accessorize, we present to you Sparkbeats. Not only do you get an interesting iPhone 5/5s case, you get an app to make it light up.


Sparkbeats comes with the iPhone case and a backing sheet. The backing sheet is a thin piece of plastic which goes between the back of your phone and the inside of the case. Its function is to provide a more reflective surface to direct the light to the case. There is a slider button near the bottom of the case which shifts a plastic plate up and down. When the plastic plate is moved, a small divot covers the flash LED. So, when the LED is on, the case refracts the light down the length of the plate. The translucent design on the back of the case lets you see the light over the length of the design. Simple.


“Is that all you got for me, Temple?” No, actually, there’s more. Along with the physical case you get the free Sparkbeats app, with which you can set your phone to flash with the beat, blink out SOS, flash when the phone senses motion using the built-in accelerometer, or even set up your phone to light up instead of ring when you have incoming communications. Now, if that isn’t enough, you might have other issues we can’t address here.


The case is a snap-in design and fits rather well. The light transmitting design on the back is raised which provides an interesting tactile experience without being uncomfortable. There are cutouts for all the necessary access points and a pair of holes at the top through which you can secure a lanyard. There are currently two finish options: black or white. Personally, I like the black better—it offers more contrast and has a sort of Tron look about it.

The app is fairly easy to use, but the party functionality is a bit dubious; I’m not sure I’d want to be waving my iPhone around in a crowded club just so people can see it blink at them. It seems to me to be courting disaster in a drop and trample sort of way. If you want to shake your iPhone around, it’s your call (no pun intended), I just hope you are using a screen protector as well. (By the way, I have a screen protector on my iPhone, and it didn’t interfere at all with the way the case fits.)

The Sparkbeats case sports a $49.95 price tag, which seems a bit high for a plastic snap-on case. If you like the style and want to show off your gadgets with a bit of a light show, the Sparkbeats does function as advertized. It’s not a bad case, and is certainly something different.

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Sparkbeats case for iPhone 5 review

Buy the Sparkbeats Case for iPhone 5/5s

Provides: Scuff/scratch and basic drop protection, funky lighting effect
Developer: Timed Company Ltd.
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5/5s
Price: $49.95
Availability: Now

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