Apple settles in e-book price fixing case

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Apple settles in e-book price fixing caseA court filing has revealed that Apple is settling in the e-book price fixing lawsuit that was filed against the company. Plaintiff representative Steve Berman reportedly handed Judge Denise Cote a letter on Monday explaining that all parties—Apple, the consumers, and the state attorneys general—had agreed to settle the case. Consumers from 33 states were represented in the civil case after a federal judge ruled that Apple did break the law by conspiring with book publishers.

The class-action lawsuit Apple faced could have been worth as much as $840 million, but it is not clear for how much Apple and the plaintiffs have agreed to settle. Apple is still appealing the original federal ruling that kicked off the civil suit, though paying back consumers is less trouble than dealing with the outcomes of a federal court case.

Although each party has seemingly come to an agreement in the case, they will need to separately file the agreement within 30 days. At that point, the case will nearly be over and Apple will be able to focus on the larger and more troublesome federal case.

It is being reported that this case’s settlement is tied to the outcome of the federal case, so Apple could walk away without paying anything. For the time being, however, Apple won’t have to actively participate in the civil case.

Via [AppleInsider]

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