Facebook releases Snapchat competitor Slingshot iOS app

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slingshot ios appFacebook has released its new messaging app on the App Store called Slingshot. The app is meant to be an alternative to (or perhaps a replacement for) the popular messaging app, Snapchat. But while Snapchat has amassed quite a number of userbase, I’m not so sure about Facebook’s Slingshot because the app has one peculiar feature that users will either love or hate.

The Slingshot iOS app lets you quickly take a photo or record a video and then spice it up with some drawings and text to make the photo “more fun.” You can then send it off to a group of friends. When you’re friend receives your photo or video message, they can’t immediately view it. Slingshot requires that they take a photo as well and then send it back to you. Then that’s the time they can view your message. Likewise, when you receive a message, you won’t be able to view it as well, unless you send something back.

Sound absurds? Well, kind of. But I would prefer to term it as restrictive. It’s either you’ll be encouraged to send a message back in order to open what your friends have sent you, or go the hassle-free route and simply ignore the message.

In addition, Slingshot doesn’t encourage you to send a photo or video message to a single friend, but would rather you click the “Send to All” button. This is, of course, to encourage more messages to be sent. And these messages, being the lifeblood of the app, are necessary for Slingshot to live on.

So, how do I find the app? I can’t say much since I need to invite my friends first to install the app before I can start slinging messages to them. For those of you who’ve tried Slingshot iOS app with your friends, what can you say about the app then? Does it stand a chance up against Snapchat?

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