Apple, Samsung trying to end patent war

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Apple SamsungApple and Samsung have gone back and forth in patent battles for the past couple of years, but the companies are apparently getting tired from all of the fighting. The Korea Times reports that Samsung and Apple are trying to reach “common ground” so they can end their current legal battles and move on to fight in the marketplace, not the courtroom. Apple is reliant on Samsung for some of its supplies, which means a good relationship between the companies is necessary.

The Korea Times cites multiple sources that have provided more than one reason why Apple would want to step back and end its legal battles with Samsung. One source says using Samsung is necessary for its iWatch, and the legal disputes only complicate those deals.

“The recent release of the Samsung OLED tablet is an indication that Samsung can manage OLED displays to be used in almost all wearable devices, a segment that Apple is greatly interested in,” said one source.

Samsung and Apple have already taken steps towards resolving some of their long-running legal battles. Last week, the companies agreed to end a dispute over a ban on some of Samsung’s older products.

Read [The Korea Times] Via [MacRumors]

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