Review: Mummy Case for iPad

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Loop Attachments’ silicone Mummy Cases fit Apple iDevices like the proverbial glove. Their soft, impact-absorbing silicone material offers the tandem advantages of protecting the back, sides, and peripheral front of the device from impacts and other contact like abrasion, as well as making it a lot easier to maintain a grip on the sometimes slippery iCritters.

Mummy Case for iPad

Mummy Cases, which are available for all iPads 2 and later, including minis, are the essence of elegant simplicity. Just unbox the Mummy Case and slip it on over your iPad. Takes only a few seconds.

I’ve dropped my iPad 2 some seven or eight times over its three years in service, mostly from falling asleep with it in hand, and in most instances bare and unprotected—fortunately without incurring damage other than a few light scratches. However, the Mummy Case is designed to be mostly left on.

The Mummy Case for my iPad 2 (also fits the 3rd and 4th-generation full-size models) has apertures in the case skin for access to the Home button, 30-pin or Lightning docking connector, microphone, camera, speaker, mute/orientation lock slider, earphone jack, and Apple logo. For some reason, instead of open apertures, there are moulded-in boots covering the on/off button and the volume rocker switch, and that’s fine since they remain easy to operate.

Loop Attachment claims the Mummy for iPad is the first enveloping silicone case designed to be compatible with Apple’s Smart Cover. While the strap composition preserves your device’s identity, hidden, magnetic anchor points hold your cover down when it’s folded back.

Mummy Case for iPad

As noted, because it’s made of soft silicone rubber with a high traction coefficient, the Mummy Case is much easier to grip in your hand and slip-resistance on a support surface, so drops and such become far less likely. But should your device still get dropped, the Mummy Case can be reasonably expected to do a better job of protecting it than if it was bare.

Mummy Case for iPad

Loop Attachment’s case for the iPad Air follows the Air’s slimmed down theme with the original Mummy case’s signature overlapping band design imprinted into thinner silicone—they claim without sacrificing impact resistance capabilities.

Mummy Case for iPad

The Mummy Case for iPad is available in black, white, graphite, blue, red and teal.


The quality and feel of the Mummy Case’s silicone material is the best I’ve encountered in products of this type, and it doesn’t seem to attract lint the way some silicone materials do. Molding quality is excellent as well.

I was unable to find anything not to like about the Mummy Case for iPad except for their prices, which range from $34.95 to $39.95 depending on model. That seems a bit pricey for what is after all a single piece of colored, molded silicone. I’ll give the Mummy Case a 4 out of 5 rating that would have been 5 out of 5 were it not for the matter of price.

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Mummy Case for iPad review

Buy the Mummy Case for iPad

Provides: Scuff/scratch, drop protection
Developer: Loop Attachment
Minimum Requirements: iPad Air or iPad 2/3/4
Price: $34.95 for iPad 2/3/4, $39.95 for iPad Air
Availability: Now

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