SlimClip case clips eliminates need for holsters

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SlimClip Case

Wearable fitness devices may be the current rage, but until Apple’s iWatch arrives, a lot of us are still using our iPhone or iPod touch to track our exercise regimen. If you’re happy with that but not happy with the holsters or armbands this requires, theWTFactory would like to point you to their SlimClip Case.

Armbands can sometimes cut off circulation or swing loose. Holsters tend to flop around or get in the way of your movements. The SlipClip Case fixes both problems by simply being slim, for the most part; the case only adds 2.1mm to the iPhone’s width, and attaches easily to your belt line.

Featuring a beveled front edge that protects the phone from minor accidents, the SlimClip is thin enough to not distract users during normal use. The case is also designed to lie flush against the body, eliminating the torque created when running or exercising with other clip cases.

With over 95 million iPhone 5/5s sold worldwide, the SlimClip is the only iPhone case on the market that is thin enough to go unnoticed. However, the functionality is sure to turn heads.

The SlimClip for iPhone 5/5s is available now for $40, with iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 6 models to be introduced soon. To learn more, visit

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