Review: Kenu Highline iPhone leash case

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Kenu Highline

If you like to live on the edge but you don’t want your iPhone falling off that edge, take it bungee jumping instead. Not you, just your phone. The Kenu Highline is basically an iPhone case on a bungee. It isn’t quite a traditional bungee cord, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Kenu HighlineThe Highline is actually a pair of devices designed to work together to secure your iPhone to your person so an accidental drop doesn’t become an accidental “Dang, I just dented/scratched/broke/lost my iPhone!”

I know, you’re all saying “dang” is a bit harsh, but busted iPhones aren’t meant to be family friendly.

The first part of the system is the case itself, which is a snap-on clear plastic unit that shows off the phone nicely. All of the needed cutouts are present, and easy access is to be had for all the buttons. The only portion of the case with any color is a thin line around the hole for the camera, which actually looks nice while letting you know this part of the case which you can’t see differs from the rest of the case you can’t see because the part over the camera isn’t really there (it’s a bit like trying to refuel Wonder Woman’s invisible jet).

The fit of the case is very snug and takes a good bit of effort to demount, so no security issues there. The edge of the case stands a little proud of the face of the phone, allowing you to set it face down on the table. Apart from all the holes for buttons and camera, there is a small rectangular hole near the bottom on the back of the case. This is where the next part of the system comes in…

Kenu HighlineThe part of the highline system which really helps prevent that “oh no” moment is the spring shaped tether. There are actually three elements in this part of the system: a sturdy plastic clip, a synthetic spring, and a lanyard loop. The loop and the core of the spring are made of Teflon so, despite the slender appearances, the line is very strong. The clip is the clamp for the phone; this is what snaps into the aforementioned small rectangular hole on the back of the case. The clip also has a small projection which fits neatly into the Lightning port, while another projection snaps into the hole in the case providing a secure connection. I let my phone do a freefall, pulled on the cord, and played with the connection point, and the connection felt very solid.

Now I’ll whip out the only negatives, of which there are two. First, the case itself is a bit on the slick side. It’s a piece of crystal clear plastic and is very smooth—not exactly grippy. The second is that the cord may be a bit short depending on your height and connection point. I fastened mine to my belt, and getting the phone up to eye level puts noticeable tension on the spring. These two things in combination may actually lead to an accidental drop. The cord will keep your phone from taking a header on the pavement, but it will spring back and may hit whatever you’re standing by. It’s not a high probability, just something of which to be aware. The first, best line of defense in protecting your iPhone is you and the care you take with your gadgets.

The price for this stylish safety harness for your iPhone’s dangerous lifestyle is $34.95. The case may only be clear plastic, but the Teflon lanyard and Teflon core spring are worth every penny if your phone stays with you instead of taking its own solo expedition to the bottom of the Grand Canyon via the Gravity Express. The case is fairly low profile, and the tether is slender and unassuming. Everything fits in your pocket without being bulky or clumsy. The Kenu Highline looks nice and protects your investment, so it’s good value for money.

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Kenu Highline iPhone case review

Buy the Kenu Highline iPhone leash case

Provides: Scuff/scratch protection, drop prevention
Developer: Kenu
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5/5s (also available for iPhone 4/4s)
Price: $34.95
Availability: Now

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