RCA introduces ultra-thin HDTV indoor antenna

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RCA HDTVSo, you’ve got your Apple TV—you subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, NHL GameCenter and whatnot—but you can’t still bring yourself to cut the cable because of the channels and first run shows you’ll miss? The newly available RCA Ultra-Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna may make the decision a little bit easier for you. With it, you can receive free local news, sports, weather and some of your favorite shows in UHF and VHF frequencies in up to 1080i.

The UHF and VHF frequency feature is important, as many other HDTV antenna products only offer UHF reception, meaning there’s less chance you’ll miss your favorite shows. Plus, if you are located on the outer fringe of a broadcast tower’s range, “SmartBoost” technology will amplify the weak signals to preserve purity as well as reduce signal noise with precision circuitry.

The antenna’s reversible, paintable and ultra-thin design is easy to install with removable two-sided mounting tape, and the included 12-foot cable makes it easy to find the best reception. Simply connect the coaxial cable to your TV, place the antenna in its optimum spot and scan for channels – it’s that easy. The innovative 360-degree reception design allows for signals up to 30 miles away in any direction to be received. This design also eliminates the need for constant tuning or adjustments unlike older “rabbit ear” technology.

The non-amplified Ultra-Thin Indoor Antenna is now available for $49.99, while the amplified version runs for $69.99. You can check for retailers and get more information at

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  • Topp Robertson

    An overpriced poor quality antenna. I notice they publish no gain specs for VHF or UHF. My guess is negative gain on VHF. No clue as to how to point it. 30 mile range is not credible, more likely a 10 mile antenna, and only with direct line of sight. Another terrible consumer product from Radio Corporation of France.