Steel Avengers brings tank battles to the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

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Steel Avengers

Steel Avengers is a build-and-conquer strategy game featuring tanks and world domination on an Earth ravaged by meteors and countless battles. Players must establish a base, build command centers and research facilities, and gather resources to increase production and capacity for building and upgrading powerful tanks.

The focus of Steel Avengers is PvP, and players can form alliances to expand their territory by defeating other players in epic battles. Different attack and defense formations provide tactical variety and game depth that can be coordinated with your allies using the chat system.

Steel Avengers features:

  • Classic build-and-conquer strategy gameplay
  • 11 different buildings with upgrade options
  • 29 different technologies to research
  • Exciting PvE story — 11 chapters and 176 combat zones
  • Extensive PvP mode
  • Server PvP rankings
  • Strategic advantages thanks to dynamic combat formations
  • Alliance system with chat mode
  • Achievement system

Steel Avengers will be available in July on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad as well as Google Play for Android.

Learn more about Steel Avengers by visiting or their Facebook page.

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