Withings Activité smartwatch marries function with form

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Withings ActivitaeApple may working on an iWatch, and they may not be. It may be released this year, and it may not be. If you’re tired of playing the waiting game, Withings has just given you a reason to look elsewhere with the Withings Activité, “… an elegant, Swiss-made timepiece that seamlessly fuses haute-couture design with intuitive, discrete technology.”

In other words, you can now get the functionality of a fitness tracker and accelerometer without looking like you need to worry about such things. It’s a high-end beautiful watch first, that monitors steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and sleep patterns second.

Inspired by the invention of the pedometer in France in 1723, the Withings Activité is a sophisticated tracker and advanced accelerometer. A discrete built-in digital system initiatively detects every move when you walk, run or swim and calculates your daily activities, distance covered and calories burned.

After an action packed day, Activité will also monitor sleep patterns including time to fall asleep and length of light and deep sleep, all before waking you up with its vibrating alarm clock function. Its smart sensors automatic detect and switch between active and sleep mode.

Swiss engineered it, features Connected MovementTM a time mechanism certified for its procession and long term accuracy. It also connects to iOS devices through Bluetooth Low Energy and will automatically update when you change time zones.

The Activité works with the Withings Health Mate application that allows users to develop personal activity plans while acting as a coach to help them achieve personal goals. It allows users to monitor progress, share results and even vibrate with encouragement as goals are surpassed.

With Activité there are no need for buttons as it responds to simple taps to change between modes. There is no need to recharge as it is powered by standard watch batteries that last a year, and there is no need to keep it out of the shower or pool as it is water (5ATM) resistant.

Available in black or silver, the Activité is made of stainless steel 316L, with a crystal of unbreakable sapphire glass which includes touch screen capabilities to tap between modes. It also comes with a fine leather strap from the ancestral “Tanneries Haas,” which you can swap out for an interchangeable plastic strap for sportswear and underwater use thanks to its waterproof capabilities.

The Activité will be available from selected retail partners and on this fall fo $390.

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