Hop messaging app adds Hop Groups for multiparty emails

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Hop AppThe Hop app aims to reimagine email as a series of conversations, similar to iMessages or chat apps we’re all used to. It filters for conversations from real people and presents them as coherent timelines, rather than as individual back-and-forth messages. The app now supports multiparty emails called Hop Groups, which allow you to isolate those group conversations in your email in the same manner.

Signal to Noise

The basic premise of the Hop app is to weed out noise and let you focus on what’s most important in your inbox: conversations with real people. The app groups messages and presents them in a coherent timeline, so you see a full thread of communication with each of the people or brands you care about, rather than a cluttered list of individual items in your inbox. These timelines can be used to share text-based messages, documents, and images, and are searchable so you can easily put your hands on important info.

Better Together

The new Hop Groups feature allows users to define a group, such as workout friends, family, project coworkers, or any other collection of people. Communication with that group works just like a group chat, with all participants always included. These group conversations can include extra information such as documents, links, or video/audio attachments, and the timeline arrangement makes it easy to see and search the group’s communication through time. Because you pick up an existing conversation, the risk of forgetting to CC somebody in a traditional group email is eliminated.

Hops is available for free from the App Store, and can be used across multiple devices. Everything gets stored in the cloud, so your conversations are available within the Hop app as well as in your traditional email inbox. Check out the hop website for full details and to sign up.

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