Video shows iWatch concept running iOS 8

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SET Solution, a Milan-based consultancy company, created a video that features iWatch and iOS 8 concepts in action with a number of key specifications that may or may not be possible for Apple to include. As of press time, the YouTube video has nearly 70,000 views, having just been uploaded on July 2nd.

SET Solution

SET Solution’s concept of iWatch was perhaps inspired from last week’s Reuter’s report of 2.5-inch curved OLED display. The smartwatch in the video is slender, yet comes with a large screen compared to typical watches. It features swipe gestures in full iOS 8 with curved edges, much like a smaller rendering of an iPhone. However, the six-day battery life is questionable for such a small device that has to handle so many activities.

Here’s the video. What do you think?

An iWatch is rumored to be launched this fall with biometrics and health sensors that work with the HealthKit app in iOS 8.

Via [SET Solution]

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