Kickstarter Find: UNITI Stand for iMacs and monitors

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There’s a right height for your monitor, and your iMac or Cinema Display may not be at it. Adjusting your chair to hit it can leave you sitting uncomfortably, but staring down or up at your monitor can hurt your posture. The solution is a monitor stand. I’ve used and reviewed a few here at AppleTell, most of which concerned themselves with either looked good sitting under Apple products or with providing additional functionality. The UNITI Stand, now on Kickstarter, seems concerned with both.


The first thing you’ll notice are the cradles that can be set up for docking your iPhone or iPad (it looks like an iPad Air will sit horizontally without blocking the monitor). The cradle comes with a Lightning cable for your iOS devices or a Micro USB adapter for whatever uses those. You’ll pay extra for them, and can go with one or two, but we’ll get to that when we hit the pledge levels.

Another great feature of the UNITI Stand are the two USB 3.0 ports on the front, meaning you won’t have to reach behind the iMac or lift your keyboard to plug in a Flash drive, your iPod, etc. It would be nice to have a Thunderbolt port here, too, but no such luck. There is, however, a 3.5mm stereo jack for easy headphone access.

The legs of the UNITI are fixed, so the stand itself comes at only one height, providing ample room beneath to fit your Apple Wireless Keyboard, your mouse, etc., and larger items such as external hard drives can slide in from the side. So, what if you want a different height for the monitor? The UNITI addresses that a unique way by providing a rear insertion point. This will lower the monitor’s elevation from 60mm to 40mm, but is only compatible with 21″ and 27″ iMacs and Apple Thunderbolt monitors.


The stand itself is made of the ever-popular “aircraft grade” aluminum, and is available only in silver, for the most part, which leads us to…

Pledge Levels

The good stuff starts at $109, getting you the early bird price for the UNITI Stand, only (with free shipping). Still at the early bird specials, $159 will also get you a cradle with a Lightning cable, or you can get two cradles starting at $199. Bounce up to $259 and you get the added bonus of getting to choose between limited edition matte black and fire red color options.


At press time, the UNITI Stand has raised just shy of $9,000 towards its $45,000 goal. However, it still has 38 days go, so it looks to be on track. Head on over Kickstarter now to learn more about the UNITI Stand and to decide if you’d like to help bring it to market.

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