iPhone 6 could include haptic feedback

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iPhone 6 could include haptic feedbackHaptic feedback has been offered in Android phones for years, but Apple has refrained from offering it as a feature in the iPhone. That may change with the iPhone 6, according to a new report from the Chinese media. Sources have reportedly leaked information about some of the features Apple is including in the forthcoming iPhone, and one of them is advanced haptic feedback.

The feature, if it is included in the retail version of the iPhone 6, will provide vibrations that will differ depending on what someone is doing on the phone and which part of the display is being touched. Sources say the motor used to provide the haptic feedback would be more advanced and therefore as much as three times as expensive as the motors used in Android smartphones.

Not all of the details about the possible iPhone 6 haptic feedback were provided in the Chinese report, but it is possible Apple could try to make the feature far more advanced than current haptic feedback. Rather than just offering a physical-like response, many companies are trying to come out with feedback that creates the illusion of physical buttons and textures on a touchscreen display.

Via [Cult of Mac]

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