Here’s why you need the Just Mobile AluCable Flat

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Just Mobile AluCable Flat

You may think the Lightning cable Apple included with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is enough. You may be right. But it’s not for me. I use my iPhone and iPad pretty much everywhere, and I don’t want to have to drag my cable along with it. Plus, I have a few docks that didn’t come with cables, but support them. For uses like this, Just Mobile’s AluCable Flat is an excellent replacement.

The AluCable Flat comes in your choice of black with a gray head, white with a gold head, and blue with a black head, making it fairly simple to match up with your iPhone or dock. The cable is four feet long, which may be excessive for most uses, but its flat design makes it easy to coil and tie off to keep things nice and tidy.

Just Mobile AluCable Flat

The flat design also makes it strong, or at least sturdier than Apple’s default cable. During my review period, I didn’t get that odd bunching at the ends that Apple’s cables sometimes do, and twisting it hasn’t resulted in a tear of the protective covering, exposing the wires beneath. I’ve seen that happen twice—once on one of my Lightning cables (which I promptly threw away), and once on my sister’s…after she called to ask me why her iPhone 4 would no longer charge. The Apple Store told her it looked like the charging port was fried out. Guess how that could’ve happened.

There’s really not a whole lot else to say…this is just a cable, after all. But it’s a good one, and at $19.95, it’s appropriately priced. The only drawback here (and it may be significant) is that the base of the Lightning end is wider than Apple’s. If you’ve got a case or a dock specifically designed to accommodate Apple’s Lightning cable, it’s quite possible the AluCable Flat is not going to fit.

Just Mobile AluCable Flat

If you’ve cleared that hurdle, however, you need to head on over to Just Mobile.

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Just Mobile AluCable Flat review

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Provides: USB charging connection for Apple’s Lightning devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Developer: Just Mobile
Minimum Requirements: Apple Lightning device and USB port
Price: $19.99
Availability: Now

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  • Jerry Dickerson

    I wanted to order the cables, but I will not use PayPal or Amazon. Just a credit card SORRY