Jackery mini external battery for iOS

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Jackery mini battery

Look, the idea of “standby time” is a joke. You’re not waiting to take calls on your iPhone, you’re using it constantly—for Twitter, for Facebook, to play Simpsons Tapped Out. Your iPhone is not going to make it through the day. You need an outlet, or better yet, an external battery to keep you going so you don’t have to tote around a computer all day. The Jackery mini external battery can charge it, and it won’t take up much space doing so.

Here’s the relevant info; it holds 3200mAh, which is almost twice an iPhone 5’s 1440 mAh rated charge. That means you can top off your iPhone completely and still have enough for any other device that charges using a USB cable. iPad? Fine. Android phone? Okay. Bluetooth accessory. You’re good. It’s a 1 amp output, so you’re going to need more time if you’re trying to charge an iPad, but the juice is there.

The Jackery mini outputs to a standard USB (rectangle) output, and charges to a USB mini (included). There’s one button, which lights up a display of 4 LEDs showing how much charge the battery has. The unit is a little larger than and heavier than a lipstick case, meaning it fits easily in a purse or pocket, and is the quintessential dumb battery for people who don’t want to use a charging case, or need a supplement for one.

Since my iPhone battery went wonky (dying when it thinks it has 20% charge left in some circumstances), I’ve had to rely on several external solutions, and the Jackery mini is relatively unobtrusive (requiring only an external cable) and ridiculously powered. And since it outputs to USB, I can use it with a variety of devices. It’s a complete win-win for mobile computing.

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Jackery mini battery

Buy Jackery Mini external battery

Provides: External battery charge for USB devices
Developer: Jackery
Minimum Requirements: USB-chargeable device (battery outputs 1 amp)
Price: $69.95 (street price $19.95 on sale at Amazon)
Availability: Now

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