Review: Divoom Voombox Travel wireless speaker

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Let’s face it, we’re a society on the move; we’re always in a rush to go somewhere or be somewhere else. Even with the rush of the modern world, people will take time to get away from it all…but still bring along necessities to make it enjoyable. Nowadays, music is easily accessible from your iPhone, iPod, and similar devices, but what about sharing it with others? Those built-in speakers don’t go far in providing quality audio in large, open spaces. To that end, Divoom offers the Voombox Travel as a rugged, portable, wireless speaker that you can take just about anywhere to get hours of decent audio for everyone to enjoy. We got our hands on one to try out.

Divoom Voombox Travel


The Voombox Travel from Divoom is compact, yet rugged; you can take just about anywhere and not worry what happens to it. It’s a disc that’s slightly larger than a hockey puck. It almost looks like one too, but I would avoid using it in pickup games on the ice…yet it is very durable. Maybe this could be the start of musical hockey? But I digress….

The speaker has a 2 inch driver that delivers excellent mid range and high end sound with an opposing 2 inch passive radiator for a surprising amount of bass for such a small enclosure. There is a large rubber ring around the outside edge that also holds the power button, the speakerphone button, volume/music control, and a micro USB port used for external audio input and for recharging the built-in lithium ion battery.

Divoom Voombox Travel

You have choices in colors too. If you go for the black case, you can then choose the color of the center rubber ring to be black, blue, orange, red, or an olive green.  You can also choose a lighter gray case and more vivid colors like purple, lime green, gold/yellow, or a light blue.

The speaker also comes with a handy carabiner that allows you to attach the Voombox Travel to anything (backpack, belt loop, etc.) for hands free enjoyment. The speaker comes with a special cable with a micro USB connection on one end to connect to the speaker.  The other end of the cable splits into two cables. One is a regular USB cable that you can plug into a computer or wall charger to recharge the lithium ion battery (the charge lasts for 6 hours of continuous audio playback). The other cable is a 1/8″ stereo jack that you would put into the earphone jack of any audio device that does not have Bluetooth technology built in.

For connectivity, the Voombox Travel uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 standard to allow easy pairing of any enabled device. For non Bluetooth enabled devices, you have the provided cable to connect through the headphone jack. I found no problem connecting my iPhone and my iPad Air to the speaker.

Divoom Voombox Travel

Real World Use

I used the Voombox Travel from Divoom around the house and out in the garage while working on my car. While the mid range and high end of the music was very clear and precise, I found the bass to be lacking. Still for a speaker of this size, it does quite well for overall sound. The speaker has a power output of only 4W and a frequency response range of 100 – 200,000 Hz. To get the most bass response, the speaker works best lying flat on a surface with the passive grill firing down.

Audio, clarity is excellent at low, mid, and slightly louder volume levels. Go louder, and you will be entertained by watching the speaker jump around. Audio will also start to distort at louder levels, but you can still have it turned up to be heard quite well in large open spaces without any problem. The Voombox Travel also has a built in microphone, making hands free speakerphone calls easy to accomplish.


If you’re looking for an affordable portable speaker that is designed for rugged use, yet provides good audio quality, consider picking up the Voombox Travel from Divoom today!

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Review: Divoom Voombox Travel wireless speaker

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Provides: Rugged, portable, Bluetooth wireless audio playback
Developer: Divoom
Minimum Requirements: Bluetooth device or audio player with 1/8″ stereo output
Price: $49.95
Availability: Now


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