Apple will reportedly work with Samsung on chips

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Apple will reportedly work with Samsung on chipsTSMC won’t be the only company working on Apple’s A7 processors. According to a new report from Reuters, the company may also work with Samsung to boost production of the A7 chips, which would put TSMC in the position of having to fight for business rather than being handed a nearly exclusive contract. Apple and Samsung have worked together many times in the past, but Apple has recently tried to move work away from Samsung.

The Reuters report claims TSMC will actually be “supplanted by Samsung,” and Samsung will be the primary manufacturer for the upcoming 14-nanometer Apple and Qualcomm processors. Reuters has partially sourced the information from KGI Securities analyst Michael Liu, a respected Apple analyst.

It isn’t known what role TSMC will have in the production of next-generation Apple processors, especially if Samsung is taking over the majority of Apple’s chip production. Sources had reported Apple and Samsung were still working together earlier this year, and this report confirms Apple is still reliant on Samsung for some of its most important components.

A recent deal with TSMC marked the first time that Samsung would be in a position other than the exclusive chip provider for Apple, but it turns out Samsung is still important.

via [CNET]

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