iHome iDL46 Dual Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio with Lightning Dock does all that

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The IDL46 is the latest in the line of affordable clock/radio docks from iHome. Out of the box it comes with a Lightning connector, a USB port for accessories, excellent sound for the price, and a slew of alarm functions for the sleep and nap enthusiast. Paired with the iHome connect app, it becomes even easier to configure.

By itself, the IDL46 works as you’d expect. There are two alarm buttons to set wake up times. In addition, there are two buttons to set quick Nap and Sleep times (nap takes you from five minutes to two hours, sleep takes you beyond that). There’s a Snooze button that also functions as a dimmer (which you’ll need, because the LED display is bright). There’s a mode select, volume, play/pause and forward/back select. In addition, the IDL46 has an equalizer, allowing you to adjust the balance, bass, and treble, while also turning the 3D sound simulator on and off. The stereo speakers do good work for their price point, with nice, clean sound. I use it all morning long as I’m working in my living room, and it fills the space without overpowering you if you’re sitting right next to it.

The Lightning dock is mounted on a flexible stand, and can charge an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The IDL46 is heavy enough that tapping the top of an iPad won’t cause it to wobble. When you connect an iOS device for the first time, it’ll use the device’s clock to set the date and time. If you download the free iHome Set app, it makes configuring the other functions of the clock much simpler than using the buttons, allowing you to set up radio station favorites, both alarms, snooze duration, nap and sleep durations, the equalizer, and the brightness, and search for firmware updates.

Other than the radio (which works like a radio ought to), the other inputs are the rear USB port, allowing you to charge an additional device (cable not provided) and play music through the speakers, and a headphone jack for Aux-In, meaning you could charge two devices while playing music through a third.

The IDL46 is a great device with no real down sides. The big hassle of using this kind of device—setting it up—is simplified by just using a free app. All of this comes in a well-constructed, sturdy design that gets in just under the $100 price point.

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Buy iHome iDL46GC Dual Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio with Lightning Dock

Provides: Clock radio functionality and battery charging for USB and Lightning devices
Developer: iHome
Minimum Requirements: Lightning compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or a USB device with USB cable
Price: $99.99
Availability: Now

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