Review: Scosche RHYTHM+ Armband Heart Rate Monitor

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Scosche Rhythm+
A heart rate monitor can help you determine whether you’re pushing yourself hard enough while working out. But are all heart rate monitors the same? Not exactly. The Scosche RHYTHM+ breaks from the usual chest strap and instead wants to hang out on your forearm. The RHYTHM+ measures your heart rate without hugging you to death by optically measuring blood flow. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Scosche RHYTHM+The Scosche RHYTHM+ armband is everything you’d expect an armband to be. It’s IP67 waterproof, which means it can be up to 1 meter deep in your sweat. It’s also wireless, supporting both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+; you can get up to 100ft away from your device. You won’t have to be replacing batteries on this guy, because it sports a rechargeable battery that can last up to 8 hours of workout time. The included charging cradle powers up with a simple USB port. Pairing with your device happens very similarly to other fitness devices, and it’s super simple to do; it all happens inside of your app of choice, like Runkeeper.

If you’re skeptical whether an armband can accurately measure your heart rate, head on over to the Scosche site where they have a study that tested the device against a Polar chest strap to great success. I think it’s safe to say this sensor measures your heart rate pretty effectively. Plus, Scosche isn’t the only company taking advantage of this kind of technology for measuring heart rate. It’s a pretty nifty technology that’s a lot easier to wear than a chest strap and can deliver very similar results.

Clearly, the best part about this heart rate monitor is that it is an armband. The rechargeable battery is pretty nice too, but the armband form is what really sets it apart. This is a great feature, but you’re probably not going to forget this thing is on your arm. In order to keep it secure, you do need to get it fairly snug. There are two arm bands included, both of which are easily adjustable. You’ll probably be using this armband with yet another armband for your iPhone, so there’s that to consider as well.

Ultimately, this product is aimed right at anyone who really dislikes chest strap style heart rate monitors. The Scosche RHYTHM+ can accurately measure your heart rate via your forearm, so it’s every bit as good as a chest strap heart rate monitor. There are no batteries to replace, only one to recharge. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart, which makes pairing with your fitness app of choice dead simple.

All you really have to ask yourself is whether you’d rather wear a heart rate monitor on a chest strap or an armband?

Appletell Rating:

Provides: Heart rate monitoring
Developer: Scosche
Minimum Requirements: Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ enabled device and/or fitness equipment
Price: $79.99
Availability: Now

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