Touchscreen input with an AluPen Twist, reviewed

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Just Mobile AluPen Twist S

Just Mobile, of course, knows a thing or two about stylus input for touchscreen devices; their classic AluPen is one of the most popular ever made. But that doesn’t mean they’re about just rest on their laurels. And so we have the Just Mobile AluPen Twist, a dual-purpose stylus for touchscreens and paper.

Unlike the AluPen, which looks like something made specifically for your iPad, the AluPen Twist is more reminiscent of a traditional paper pen. It has a pocket clip, for example, and when you twist one end of it, a Schmidt D1 pen extends from the bottom. If you twist the top end the other way, however, a rubber nib for touchscreen input extends from the top.

Just Mobile AluPen Twist S

Twist halfway back from either end, and both the pen tip and the rubber nib remain protected inside the shell.

The pen is okay, and replacements are available, although Just Mobile doesn’t offer much help in obtaining one. They’re better with the nib portion, providing instructions on how to replace it when necessary, and offering a Rubber Nib Kit for sale on their site (set of three for $12.95). During my review period, I didn’t reach the need for a replacement as the AluPen Twist continued to offer responsive and accurate touchscreen input. Aside from helping with handwriting, I found it also improved my game performance with titles such as Nun Attack Origins: Yuki’s Silent Quest and Godzilla Smash 3—especially on the iPhone where using a stylus allowed me to keep my hand out of the say.

The AluPen Twist comes in two sizes—S (12.5 cm high and 1.35 cm wide at the center) and L (12.5 cm high and 1.6 cm wide). We reviewed the AluPen Twist S, which was plenty wide enough for my large hands, but didn’t quite have as much weight as I like in my writing devices. The large model comes in silver or black, while small gives you a choice of black, gray, orange or white. Both models run for $39.95 regardless of size.

Just Mobile AluPen Twist S

The price is actually a bit of sticking point for me. Having access to both a touschreen stylus and a pen is helpful, but rarely a necessity. And considering we mostly keep these devices in our laptop or iPad bags, it’s not like it’s inconvenient to have one of each. I’d rather keep a better pen on hand, along with a more precise stylus, such as the wonderful AluPen Digital.

But I’ll get to that next week.

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Just Mobile AluPen Twist review

Buy the Just Mobile AluPen Twist

Provides: Touchscreen input and standard paper writing
Developer: Just Mobile
Minimum Requirements: Toushcreen device and/or some paper to write on
Price: $39.95
Availability: Now

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  • Truffol

    Like you said it’s probably preferred to keep your pen and stylus separated. At some point a user is going to accidentally write on their iPad with the pen