Get ready for football with the InkFusion Lite iPhone case, reviewed

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Training camps have begun for NFL players who aren’t holding out for this, that, and whatnot, and that means it’s time for fans to get ready for the coming season. Some do this by buying jerseys of the new draft picks, some by subscribing to Sunday Ticket or renewing their season tickets, and some by purchasing new iPhone cases.

Short of changing your ringtone to the local radio guy announcing a touchdown, there’s no better way than an iPhone case to indicate your favorite NFL team to those around you who really don’t care at all. And for NFL licensed cases, there may be no better option than SkinIt’s InkFusion Lite.

SkinIt InkFusion Lite

The InkFushion Lite is a thermoplastic hard shell case that snaps tightly around your iPhone to protect the back and sides. The edges rise just barely above the screen, so you won’t get much protection there (as such, I recommend a proper screen protector), but you’re otherwise good.

The case provides ample openings for the camera and volume buttons / mute switch, and is wide open at the top and bottom for easy access. At both ends, the back edge extends a slight amount past the phone, so a direct drop won’t see the phone’s edges hitting the floor. The bottom may cause problems, however, as it’ll make it difficult to dock with third-party accessories that require a flush connection.

SkinIt InkFusion Lite

The hard plastic shell is fairly easy to get on the case, and only slightly more difficult to get off if you push it away from the sides. It also provides the InkFusion’s best feature, however, in the vivid colors. My photo up top unfortunately washes them out (the green is darker, and the gray of the Seahawks logo is more accurate), as the colors are quite rich and the detail is precise in the Super Bowl XLVIII logo. The glossy coating makes for an attractive appearance, but it will acquire and highlight fingerprints; be prepared to wipe the case clean quite often.

Oh, but help me out, here. Should the Seahawks be considered 2014 Super Bowl Champions since that’s when the game was played, or is it 2013 since that’s when the bulk of the season happened?

Anyway, putting it all together, the the InkFusion Lite provides simple, compact protection for your iPhone 5 or 5s even if you’re not using it to fly your favorite team’s colors. Indeed, SkinIt has a riduculous number of franchise options and custom designs, and you can even upload your own photos for them to print on the case. At only $25.00, it’s a great option to carry you through until your next phone upgrade (or until your team is eliminated from Super Bowl XLIX contention…whichever comes first).

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InkFusion Lite for iPhone 5 review

Buy the InkFusion Lite for iPhone 5 for iPhone 5/5s

Provides: Scuff/scratch and minor drop protection for iPhone 5/5s
Developer: SkinIt
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5/5s (also available for iDevice models and brands)
Price: $24.95
Availability: Now

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