Grovemade Limited Edition Metal Docks now available

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West coast design shop Grovemade can cover your iPhone, iPad, or entire desk in warm luxurious wood, but the designers are mixing things up with a new limited edition metal iPhone dock for iPhone 4/s and 5/s/c. An extension of their existing lineup of metal-and-wood docks, the new line does away with the wooden top for a sleek black top over your choice of a black, silver, or brass base.

Grovemade Black & Black

Once You Go

Grovemade already offered an adjustable iPhone dock in Lightning or 30-pin Dock configurations; you can fit an iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s or 5c with or without case in one of these, and your choices involved various combinations of black, brass, silver, maple, walnut, and bamboo. These combos covered just about everything from nautical to zen, but if industrial is more your style, the new all-metal option brings the same good looks and features, just with a different aesthetic.

Grovemade Brass and Black

Under the matte black exterior, the Grovemade dock is adjustable, so you can accommodate an iPhone with or without a case. A channel inside redirects audio out the front of the dock, so you can still hear incoming calls/alerts when your phone is docked. The dock itself weighs over three pounds so you can easily dock and undock without worrying it will slide around on your desk/table.


This truly is a limited edition—Grovemade is producing only 50 Brass/Black Docks ($149), and 100 each of the Silver/Black and Black/Black ($119). Head over to the Grovemade online store for full details or to buy—and if your favorite metal dock is already sold out, check out their wooden docks, too.

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