The PureGear DualTek XT is built for Extreme Terrain

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When considering my personal iPhone use, images of extreme terrain don’t really enter the picture. The most extreme I get with a device that expensive and that central to my work day is letting my kids use it to play Draw This Thing, or whatever.

But you’re not me. You may need a case that’s dust and splash proof. That protects the entire phone, including the screen. That offers excellent shock absorption to keep it safe from drops. If those are your needs, PureGear would like to accommodate with the Dualtek XT Extreme Terrain.

PureGear DualTek XT

Regarding the protection, the Dualtex XT is IP65 certified, meaning it’s totally protected against dust ingress, and protected against low pressure water jets from any direction (limited ingress permitted). In other words, it’s pretty much safe for a day at the beach, provided you don’t take it for a swim. It’s also military standard approved for drops.

The DualTek XT achieves all of this through a two-piece attachment system. First, you’ve got a hard plastic frame into which you place your iPhone 5 or 5s. The screen of your phone faces the clear plastic screen shield that will protect it during use. This piece then snaps into the dual layered rubberized plastic frame.

PureGear DualTek XT

Getting the two pieces together and apart takes some force, but is eased by the flexibility of the pull-up top.

Now, once you have the phone inside the DualTek XT, its going to be well protected. This means you’ll be sacrificing some of the functionality, however. The power and volume buttons are easily used through the buttons built into the case. The camera covering is wide enough to not interfere with your shots, but you’ll need to keep the plastic clean.

PureGear DualTek XT

Things get a little bit harder with the mute switch, as it sits well-recessed behind a flap that must be pulled away for access. The speaker/mic are protected at the bottom, but usable, of course. The Lightning port is not. To access that, you’ll have to pull out the covering flap.

PureGear DualTek XT

The screen is protected by a built-in shield that offers scratch protection as well as element blockage. Touch responsiveness suffers a bit as a result, but I found it was fine for general use if I just pressed a little harder. You’ll still be able to take/make calls and send out text messages, although your typing speed may decrease…and you won’t want to be playing many games. Of course, who goes to the beach or spelunks Siberian sinkholes so they can play Draw That Thing, or whatever?

And that’s why sacrificing some functionality in the name of protection is acceptible; you’re simply not going to get splash and sand protection unless the case is able to fully block the elements while still allowing you to snap photos of the M.U.T.O.s you’ve discovered and then call for emergency help. And honestly, considering how well covered the phone is when inside the DualTek Xt, I’m surprised it’s as easy to get to as it is. I’ve tried basic plastic iPhone cases that don’t provide nearly this much protection but are still harder to get on and off the iPhone.

PureGear’s DualTek XT Extreme Terrain case is available now in gray/black and blue/black models for $49.99. It’s not a case you’re going to want to keep on your iPhone for general use, but it’s worth having around for when the need arises, even if that need is simply a few trips to beach each summer.

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PureGear DualTek XT Extreme Terrain for iPhone 5s review

Buy the PureGear DualTek XT Extreme Terrain for iPhone 5s

Provides: Military standard approved drop protection and IP65 dust/water protection for iPhone 5/5s
Developer: PureGear
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5/5s
Price: $49.99
Availability: Now

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  • Truffol

    The built in shield also eliminates the need for any screen protectors I bet…ie no more bubbles or misalignments. Justifies the slight loss in typing speed IMO