“Together We Game:” Logitech crowdsources game dev

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Together We Game
Logitech has announced they’re working on a new tower defense game, to be developed via crowdsourcing on a subreddit. The project is titled “Together We Game,” and users will contribute to and vote on every element of the game, from initial ideas to final product.

As described in the Logitech blog, the unnamed 16-bit game will have its “characters, environment, weapons, rules” developed by users. “…when we say everything, we mean everything. This is the first ever crowdsourced video game that will be developed by a consumer brand.”

Interested users can visit the newly-opened Together We Game subreddit and contribute initial ideas to the general shape of the game: features they’d like to see developed, multiplayer, style, virtually everything. The users will vote on which ones they find most compelling, and the game development will proceed from there.

The game, when finally released, will be available on both Steam and the Apple App Store.

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