The Best Free Apps for August 8, 2014

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screen568x568-4I may not be a smart man, but I know what fun is, and now you can too. Run Forrest Run is the endless runner you’ve been craving since before that was even a thing. You can now run across Alabama as Forrest Gump. You’d better grab yourself a box of chocolates and cube of Dr Pepper… If you somehow have time for anything other than Forrest Gump, the official Sherlock (the TV show) app is now free to play. And you can also play a god in Godus. But honestly, how can you think about anything other than Forrest Gump and running?

The Best Free iOS Apps:

  • Run Forrest Run – This is the game you’ve been waiting two decades to play. Finally, you can play the most perfect endless runner that could possibly be made. Yes, you can finally Run Forrest, Run. This game recreates the famous scene in the film, and has you running through Alabama and the awesome Route 66. There are unpredictable obstacles, your beard might grow uncontrollably, you might start a T-shirt trend, coin a few phrases, and win the hearts of the nation. Actually, you can hang glide and even ride a lawn mower in this game. It just keeps getting better, right?
  • Sherlock: The Network – This is the official app for the TV show, Sherlock. Sherlock actually has an urgent message for you. He wants you to help him solve his latest case. You can help out by using your phone, navigating the streets of London, discovering clues, solving puzzles, and piecing it together. This game is now free to play, which means there are numerous cases to play, but they aren’t all free.
  • Godus – What if god was one of us? Specifically, you. Why don’t you find out with Godus. In it, you play a god and rule over a living, breathing world. Use touch to physically mold every inch of the landscape. You can be loved and worshipped by your followers. You can nurture a civilization as it advances. You can even perform miracles, or (and I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this part) you can inflict destruction. You’re god, and you can do whatever you want.

The Other Free iOS Apps (some for a limited time):

  • Documents To Go Free – This app allows you to view, edit, and create MS Office documents on your iOS devices.
  • SketchBook Mobile – Now you can paint with the same paint engine as the SketchBook Pro desktop software on your iPhone. It’s a professional-grade painting and drawing app. It has all the usual tools like pencils, brushes, etc. And most importantly, it’s free for a limited time.
  • SketchBook Pro for iPad – The same, for iPad.
  • MOVIST – Keep track of the movies you own and the movies you wish you owned (like Guardians of the Galaxy, for example) with this app. You can also watch movie trailers, purchase movies on iTunes, and more.
  • MIXIMAL – Mix three sections of animals together to make a new animal. There are over 1,000 unique combinations with handcrafted animations and sounds. It’s primarily something to keep young children occupied, but we won’t judge…
  • Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf – Lone Wolf is back, as a video game series with a brand-new story, a new combat system, stunning graphics and much more. You can choose your own path through this epic non-linear story. It’ll test your strategy with turn-based combat, your skill with the lock-picking mini game, and your wits with the mysterious Shinanti Cube.
  • 5×5: Goals into Action – Why not spend more time accomplishing your goals than writing them? The idea is to focus your energy into your top 5 goals every day. This app has a super clean interface to go along with the top 5 goal idea.
  • WriteRight – Now you can enjoy writing with this smart writing app that offers synonyms or antonyms together with phraseology as you write. Basically, it helps you improve your writing by helping you pick the perfect words or even phrases. Plus, it fully supports markdown.
  • Sherlock: The Network HD – The same as above, for iPad.
  • Order & Chaos – Here’s an epic MMORPG for iOS. There’s a vast heroic fantasy world waiting for you and thousands of other players online. You can create a character with many levels customization, interact with other players, join a guild and much more.
  • Ready Steady Play – Are you ready for the Wild West? You are an affable cowboy with a trusty horse in an extremely minimalistic world. There are three games to master, the Shooting Gallery, Hobby Hurdles, and the Coin Shooter.
  • Quell+ – Need a new puzzle game? This is an enchanting game of logic full of puzzles. The goal is to move a raindrop across the board to collect all of the pearls on it. There are 80 levels of increasingly difficult puzzles to be solved.
  • The Island: Castaway 2 – The sequel to the original The Island: Castaway is here. Embark on an unbelievable adventure that will change the life of the island’s tribe. Travel back in time to uncover the history of the island. Decipher riddles, and become the New Man of the tribe. There are over 300 quests to complete, 28 rarities to collect, 11 recipes to master (yes there’s cooking), dozens of fruits and vegetables to grow, and much more.
  • The Island: Castaway 2 HD – The same, for iPad.
  • aerofly FS – Admit it, you’ve always dreamed of flying. Who hasn’t? This game is a flight simulator that lets you enter the world of flying in superb quality. The developer put high value on realistic flight physics, highly detailed aircraft and terrain, and smooth frame rates. There are 16 aircraft from which to choose (some of which are IAPs), so hop in the pilot’s seat and take to the skies.
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