Review: Out and about with the JiLL-E Tablet Messenger bag

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I’ve always been happy with my wallet. I see women cramming everything they need for the day inside a purse, and I’ve considered myself lucky that my essentials can be shoved into my back pocket. With iPhones and iPads, however, that’s no longer the case; I need a backpack or laptop bag. With the JiLL-E Tablet Messenger bag, however, women can get get by with what they’re already used to.

Jill-E Tablet Messenger bag

The JiLL-E Tablet Messenger bag is a leather, weather resistant bag designed to accommodate up to a 10″ laptop, while still making room for your daily necessities. The leather is soft and pleasant to touch, and the stitching held up very well during our review period. Although I’m no expert on purses, I can see that the JiLL-E Tablet Messenger is a bit larger than what my wife normally uses, but no so much so that it’ll weigh you down (depending upon what you put in there, of course). In fact, let’s take a look at that.

A large cover flap snaps in front with a magnet which is quite easy to open and shut, but that shouldn’t open on its own. Just under that is your first compartment, which is open and wide enough to accommodate most items you’ll need to get to quickly. Behind this is the main zippered compartment, which is segmented into two sections.

The first section is the widest, designed to hold your loose items. Against the front wall of this section, however, are specific compartments for pens (two), your phone, and a phablet or a similar sized device (my wife used this for her glasses case).

Jill-E Tablet Messenger bag

The phone compartment stretched enough to accommodate the third-party cases for the iPhone 5 and 5c with which we tested it. Also attached to this main section is a lanyard that comes with an ID pouch; this is perfect for showing your ID without having to detach it from the bag or remove it from the pouch.

Behind this area is the compartment for your small laptop or tablet. Because it’s designed to fit both, neither fits perfectly well; even with the Velcro flap pulled tight, the iPad Air we tested with it slid around a bit. This isn’t a huge problem, however, because the flap means it won’t slide out, and the compartment is padded well enough to keep your devices protected.

Jill-E Tablet Messenger bag

Finally, then, there’s another small, zippered pocket on the back of the bag, again allowing for quick access to necessary items. The whole bag can be carried around via the easily adjustable cross-body strap.

The JiLL-E Tablet Messenger comes in black, vanilla and starfish (taupe), all of which are practical and sophisticated, but not as fun as the colors and patterns available in other JiLL-E products. Still, if you’ve been jamming your iPad into your purse and are looking for a more practical way to carry it around, you don’t need to add another bag, you just need to swap out the one you have. It’s a pricey swap at $125, but it should be the only bag you’ll need, and it’s built to last you a while.

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JILL-E Tablet Messenger bag review

Buy the JiLL-E Tablet Messenger bag

Provides: Fitted protection and transportation for your tablet/laptop (10″), mobile phone, and daily necessities
Developer: JiLL-E
Accommodates: iPad or similarly sized tablet, or up to 10″ laptop, mobile phone, phablet
Price: $124.99
Availability: Now

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