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We’re drawing ever closer to heading back to school. Some of you are already there. But are you prepared? For everything? Maybe you need a bigger backpack for all those books. Maybe you need a battery charger that can also help keep you safe. Maybe you want to make sure you avoid the Freshman 15. If you need all three, you’re at the right place, thanks to our OGIO: Rucksack Backpack, Champ: Bodyguard Battery Rechargeable Power Bank, and Misfit Shine giveaway.

The Ogio Ruck 20 Laptop Backback offers a modern edge for work and adventure…or getting to philosophy class.


The laptop compartment fits most 17” laptops, and features an easy access top loading design, interior mesh organizer pockets, a padded iPad/tablet/e-reader pocket, and more. It’s valued at $55.00.

Your campus may provide a safe environment for your studies, but it’s still a good idea to be prepared. That’s where the Champ: Bodyguard Battery Rechargeable Power Bank comes in. This handy device features a 2,200 mAh capacity Li-ion battery backup that provides one full phone charge, a built-in LED flashlight, and a personal alarm to alert for help in emergencies.

Back to school giveaway champ

The Bodyguard Battery Rechargeable Power Bank is valued at $34.99.

Of course, heading to class isn’t the only reason you’ll be out and about on campus. With all the parties, free time and meal plans, you’ll likely be wanting some exercise, too. That’s where the Misfit Shine comes in.

Misfit Shine

Connecting with your iPhone or Android device, the Misfit Shine fitness wearable allows you to set your fitness activity goals, track your progress, and share your accomplishments with your friends. It’s valued at $99.99.

So, all told, we’re looking at around $190 in prizes. And how do you win them? Simple. First, read our giveaway rules and regulations (this may be on the final). Then log in to TechnologyTell and comment below, telling us your least favorite class. Mine was definitely psychology, but perhaps that’s because I had to take it three times.

We’ll accept entries through August 22nd, so good luck, and have a great year!

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  1. my worst class is science by far i loved psychology i am definently into social sciences they are my fave

    kristen mcclary
  2. Ugh – quantum physics was the worst!!!

    Heather Creely
  3. My worst class is English Literature. I am definitely an engineer as math and any science are my favorites.

  4. Generally I like science, but I did not enjoy Chemistry class, mainly due to the teaching style of the teacher.

    Robert S
  5. My least favorite is biology!

    Caroline Wampler
  6. Least favorite class is Calculus….it was more of a teacher thing…

    Eric G
  7. I really hated statistics.

    Cary G
  8. Chemistry was the worst for me. Just plain didn’t fit the shape of my brain…

    Allen Puy
  9. Oy… probably the worst ever was a grad-level computer graphics programming class that I subjected myself to in a fit of geeky enthusiasm… I barely squeaked by with a D, as people around me went off to start companies with their final projects (no joke – I worked for one of them). The project management class I just took, sad to say, was simply awful, so if we’re talking current classes – that’s it!

  10. Spanish is probably my least favorite subject…never was amazing at languages :P

  11. Statistics. We did not get along.

  12. I actually loved most of my classes… til Latin. It’s a dead language for a reason, and it almost killed me.

  13. Anything to do with math was no fun at all. Statistics ranked right up there.

  14. My final answer is History – It was more the teacher, not really the subject but definitely my least favorite class

    Mary Withrow
  15. I had a love hate relationship with any math, I was usually good at it but hated actually doing it lol

    Amber Conaway
  16. My least favorite class of all time was C.L.A.P. – Contemporary Latin American Poetry

    al kendall
  17. organic chemistry is the worst and then parasitiology for my major

  18. English Composition was the worst. Compare and contrast…analyze this or that…
    How was I supposed to know what some author thought about a certain subject…
    And don’t get me started on Joan Didion. It still pisses me off that she has a California drivers license but she lives in New York!

  19. English. Not a read and write person.