Is Live Studio – Music the strangest app ever made?

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Live StudioWe get a lot of app submissions here at AppleTell. News releases, review requests…we write up as many as we can, highlighting the ones that best pique our interest. Live Studio – Music certainly does that, but for reasons I can’t fully explain, because I’m not entirely sure what it is. What’s more, I won’t download it to find out because I don’t see how it can possibly live up to its pitch.

Live Studio – Music comes from Japanese developer Gamon. They have other apps, all games, which are equally confusing. What isn’t written in Japanese in their U.S. App Store descriptions may as well be, based on the translations. I’m not making fun of that fact, just pointing out that phrases such as…

  • “also do the effect director and dancer, types of wealth!” and,
  • “cheers to hot live also, at will at any time above swipe! ! “

… don’t paint the clearest picture of what your app is, exactly.

Still, the email got my attention, so I decided to watch the YouTube promo video, which has lips and lightning and lasers and some kind of silhouetted figure on a stage who appears to be going through a horrible mutation process.

And then, of course, there’s the Black Eyed Peas. Because why not?

Cool, but still…what is it?

I don’t know. I don’t think I want to know. I just know that next time you need to, “Music live performance LIVE STUDIO of you! World’s first landing iPhone app! The Moriagare to manipulate the production and dancers!”, there’s an app for that.

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