Custom InkFusion Pro case for iPhone 5c review

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SkinIt, of course, has myriad case designs ready for you. They’ve got pretty much every major sport license covered. They’ve got super heroes. They’ve got cartoons, art, airplanes and flowers. And with their custom option, they’ve also got your vacation photos, your kids and your corporate logo. For this review, we tried out their customizer on an InkFusion Pro for iPhone 5c.

The process starts with you logging into their customizer and selecting your device and the skin or case you want to customize. Once that’s done, you’re taken to a web page that presents quite a few options to you. You can choose a layout that accounts for one to up to four images. You can grab photos from your computer, from Facebook, from the web, Instagram, etc. You can add text, filters and color.

InkFusion Pro for iPhone 5c

It’s all handled via drag-and-drop, and is very easy to size and place.

For this review, we simply chose a current favorite photo of our youngest son, and added the case to the cart. The whole process was done in less than five minutes, and quite honestly was easier than settling on a design from the vast SkinIt library. A little over a week later, we had the case.

The InkFusion pro is a two piece case, combining a hard exterior shell with an impact-absorbing silicon liner.

InkFusion Pro for iPhone 5c

The flexibility of the liner makes it very easy to slip your phone in, and the exterior shell then slides around it, locking over the edges. This makes it much easier to get the case on and off than with those that only use the plastic shell, such as the InkFusion Lite. That’s a good thing because you’ll need to remove the InkFusion Pro in order to dock it. The openings for all ports and buttons make them easily acceptable, but bottom coverage prohibits docking with third-party devices.

InkFusion Pro for iPhone 5c

The protection provided by the InkFusion Pro is amongst the best I’ve seen with customizable cases. The interior silicon does a great job of absorbing impact, and the fact that it rises a bit above the screen means it provides protection for the surface, as well. It’s also flexible enough to accommodate any screen protectors you may already have installed, as we obviously do here on my wife’s iPhone 5c.

The real highlight, though, are the vibrant colors of the InkFusion printing. We perhaps didn’t select the best photo to show this off, but I was impressed by the detail that remained in my son’s swim trunks, which would’ve been muddied in may other custom print jobs.

InkFusion Pro for iPhone 5c

The picture is so sharp, actually (ignore the iPhone camera artifacts), that I would caution against using a dumbed-down photo from Facebook for your sour image. Grab this one straight from your computer or photo service that allows the detail of a high resolution version to show through. Be aware, though, that the high gloss coating will capture and show off fingerprints and scratches, so you’ll want to keep a cleaning cloth handy.

The InkFusion Pro Case for iPhone 5c will run you $34.99, customized. The case is worth it, whether you’ve customized it or not.

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Custom InkFusion Pro for iPhone 5c review

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Provides: Scuff/scratch and drop protection for iPhone 5c
Developer: SkinIt
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5c (also available for other iDevice models and brands)
Price: $34.95
Availability: Now

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