Heroes of Gaia arriving this fall on iOS and Android

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Heroes of Gaia

Our favorite iOS game of E3 2013 was Taichi Panda from Snail Games, but it very well could’ve been their turn-based strategy game, Snail Games has now provided some more details on Heroes of Gaia, and have suggested a fall 2014 release date.

Those details, specifically, are…

The game takes place in mythical land called Rigaria. In the days before the Genesis, the land was ruled by the Arigus Holy Nation, but a war between the gods and demons led to the downfall of this ancient empire. Now, Rigaria is torn between 4 races locked in a struggle for dominance. As they battle for control, the four Rigarian races – the Humans, Elves, Undead and Barbarians – must also put aside their differences and unite again to fight against the demons that once again threaten the land.

In Heroes of Gaia, players take role of a hero fighting for one of the four races. As they grow their hero, players take command of over 40 unique units to lead the army to rule the land through the power of strategy. Precious resources and hidden wonders await those brilliant enough to lead the land to salvation.

In addition to Heroes of Gaia, Snail Games is working on the aforementioned Taichi Panda and Puzzle Heroes Saga for iOS and Android. It looks like Heroes of Gaia will be the first to be released, but we’ll keep you posted on all three as details are announced.

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