Limited Edition Radius Ti Titanium now available for iPhone 5/5s

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Radius Ti TitaniumThe problem with iPhone protection is that most cases make the device look…generic. Why, it could be any old phone sitting under that silicone. Not so with the Radius v2 case for iPhone 5/5s, which is now available in a limited-edition titanium model.

The Radius Ti Titanium case preserves the distinctive design of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s while adding a touch of elegance and protection. Crafted from solid blocks of titanium for a natural warm tone finish, it’s corrosion-resistant, strong, and lightweight (only .2 ounces) while offering protection around each corner.

The case boasts corner modules and the X frame that holds them together. Each corner is beveled which raises the profile, and elevates the touch screen so you can place it facedown. The inside of the corners are lined with non-slip materials providing grip and vibration absorption.

The corner modules do not cover any part of the smartphone’s screen allowing consumers to use the case with a screen protector. Additionally, the modules are designed to avoid any interference with the iPhone’s antenna strips so it won’t impede reception. All ports, jacks, and buttons are fully accessible.

Installation is a simple matter of sliding the iPhone into place and attaching the final corner module by using the included Allen wrench.

The limited-edition Radius Ti Titanium is now available for $169.99 at If you like the case but don’t like the limited edition price, it’s also available in a “gold” model for $89.99 and the standard Radius v2 for $69.99.

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