iPhoneSoft shares purported iPhone 6 box, iWatch vision

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French Apple rumors site released two bits of iDevice rumor this week. One dealt with the hotly anticipated iPhone 6, which we all know will be unveiled in September and will hopefully available for purchase shortly thereafter. The other is a vision for what iPhoneSoft thinks an Apple-branded watch might include. Both articles are in French, so read on for a summary of what they covered in case your French isn’t quite up to snuff.

The Next iPhone

We all know a new iPhone is coming, with a most likely announcement date in September at a media event Apple’s already arranged. What’s unsure is what exactly will be announced (thanks, Apple, for the secrecy), but iPhoneSoft has posted pictures they state are of the forthcoming iPhone and its box. The box is unchanged, with the addition only of the new iPhone model’s name.

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The iPhoneSoft team claim to have reviewed the images’ metadata and can verify they aren’t Photoshopped, which I find myself hoping isn’t true. The default iOS 8 background shown is a drab grey dotted texture that looks suspiciously like the perforated aluminum used in the old PowerMac G5, which doesn’t show off the iPhone’s Retina display quite as well as beautiful landscape or space photography. The device itself appears to do away with the straight lines of previous generations, instead featuring a rounded edge similar to the iPhone 3Gs. Of course, in a couple of weeks we’ll know if this is the real deal or not!

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Have you got the time?

Much has been said about what an Apple iWatch might bring, and iPhoneSoft decided it was time for them to throw their predictions into the game. Based on rumors they’ve seen, they formulated a vision of a sports-style watch, featuring a plastic sport band and basic iPhone/iPad connectivity. Rather than being chock full of sensors, they envision a simple device with Bluetooth/WiFi/NFC connectivity and integration with iDevices through Siri, which could be interesting if Apple’s promised Continuity features could be used to pass tasks between an iWatch, iPad, and a Mac.

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iPhoneSoft pegs the iWatch at five days of battery life, which would be a huge improvement over competitor’s offerings that usually top out at about one day. Interestingly, iPhoneSoft also pegs a low price as the iWatch’s most revolutionary feature. I’m not sure I entirely buy this, as a $100 watch that still only lets you do a few things isn’t a great value, but Apple’s move with the iPhone 5c also felt like a strange play to me. Maybe their impressive supply chain skills could allow them to sell at this price without taking a huge loss?

Stay tuned to AppleTell for all the details of Apple’s September iPhone event—and if they do announce an iWatch, we’ll provide you with all the details!

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