Dr. Bott is closing its virtual doors, everything must go

Sections: iDevice Accessories, iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, Macintosh/Apple Hardware

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dr. bottWell, this makes me sad. Dr. Bott—a distributor of digital lifestyle accessories for Apple market products—is winding down its operations after 15 years of service. Even if you don’t know Dr. Bott by name, you’ve likely purchased accessories through their reseller channels. And if you’ve been to a Macworld Expo, chances are you saw their giant booth stocked with some excellent products.

Now, however, they’re actively liquidating their inventory through and their reseller channels, having filed for bankruptcy back in June. With savings of up to 80% off, products are selling out daily. They currently have inventory from more than 100 vendors, including some of the most compelling brands in the market.

And now, their farewell…

We are honored to have been a part of the Apple market during such a significant time in its history. It has been a privilege to have partnered with so many vendors and retailers. We hope that we have played some small part in their long-term success.

I’d say so. Thanks for being with Apple before being with Apple was cool. And personally, thanks for the duffle bag full of review units a few years back. I still use it for each trip to Macworld.

To take advantage of the savings (or just to bid them the best), visit

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