DreamSphere app offers a 360 degree approach to dreaming

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DreamSphereI dig dreams, especially my anxiety dreams. In my case, they almost always center around houses with massive water damage, airplane crashes, and the Seahawks losing. I remember some of them well after I wake up, but many have faded by the time I hit the shower. The new DreamSphere app from DreamsCloud looks to help with that and more by offering a dream journal, insights tool, real-time trending global dream map and social sharing options.

The mobile version of the DreamsCloud website, the DreamSphere app connects users in a more seamless and social wayas they learn about their subconscious mind. A standout feature for this is the Global Dreams Map, which users can use to search for dreams according to location, date, popularity, and trends from connected friends or by keyword. I wonder if anyone in Paraguay shares my apparent subconscious fear of being disappointed by the Seahawks?

Here’s some detail on the app’s major features:

  • Dream Journal & Recording: Users can quickly and easily transcribe their dreams either by typing text or by creating a voice recording that can be transcribed in 40 languages and saved. From within the app, users can also rate the emotional intensity of their dream, describe their dream using keywords, e.g. vacation, family and beach, and also research specific dream dictionary symbols and meanings. Using a built-in calendar, users can track their dream intensity and emotion over time – revealing overarching themes, potential stressors and the overall state of their subconscious.
  • DreamSphere Global Dreams Map: Connect through similar dreams with the Global Dreams Map, allowing users to find similar dreams within their neighborhood or across the globe, learn how popular or infrequent their dream is, read others’ dreams if shared publicly, and exchange thoughts and comments.
  • DreamSphere Insights: Users can gain insights regarding their state of mind as well as dream patterns in order to further understand their subconscious mind, emotions and daily well-being. With DreamSphere, users have access to valuable insights that offer analysis for each dream. It only takes 50 words of detail for the app to gain insights into ongoing dream patterns.
  • DreamSphere Smart Alarm: Users can set an alarm that is conducive to improving dream recall by offering a gradual wake up feature, allowing them to remain in a state between still dreaming and waking up for longer. Users can select a voice, accent or pre-loaded music option to awaken to, or purchase additional 30-second songs.
  • Privacy Control/ Sharing: Users have a variety of methods for logging and sharing their dreams – all depending on individual choice and preference. Users can choose to log their dreams anonymously or under a user ID of their choosing. From there, users can decide on a dream-by-dream basis whether to keep their dreams private or to share them within the DreamsCloud community or via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr for discussion and reflection. Users also enjoy 128-bit encryption throughout their DreamSphere experience and access to dual-identity protocol, which ensures that their information is always secure.
  • Mind Metrics (Premium Feature): Users can unlock insightful metrics that monitor their unconscious minds, continually providing a progress report on over twenty variables such as social identity, assertiveness, anxiety, confidence level and many others. For best results, users will need to post at least 10 dreams. The more dreams they log, the better their metrics will become. This feature is an in-app purchase.

The DreamSphere app is available now for free in the iTunes App Store, with in-app purchases. To learn more, visit

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