How to keep your iOS device running at peak efficiency with System Monitor

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Former Apple exec Jean-Louis Gasseé has observed that there is “a collision of priorities” favored by different classes of iPad users. Non tech-oriented content consumption types like the iPad’s simplistic minimalism, and prefer not to be bothered by what’s going on behind the iOS graphical user interface.

Then there are those of us who like to keep a finger on the proverbial pulse of our computing devices in order to identify potential problems developing, to avoid unpleasant surprises like running out of memory, and generally just to satisfy our curiosity.

For the latter cohort, there are several utility apps available that serve as a window on background processes, memory use and available free capacity, battery charge levels an so forth. However, even consumer users (as long as they aren’t complete technophobes) may find it helpful to at least occasionally monitor these metrics, and one particularly painless and low-hassle way to do it is with an app from Tekton Technologies called, simply, “System Monitor” (formerly SPEEDOMETER APP). It supports both iPad and iPhone, and has been completely redesigned for iOS 7 to enhance its look and feel, and ease of use.

System Monitor is an all in one device health check app that monitors memory usage, battery life, used space, running processes and device information via visuals like Speedometer view, LED indicator, 3D Bar charts, battery charging animation, LED flashing charger, battery health check, providing the user with rich visual views of their iOS device internals. This information can be especially helpful to those of us with lower-powered, lower-capacity models like first to third-gen iPads, the original iPad mini, pre version 5 iPhones, and any model with less than 32GB of storage memory.

Key features include:

  • Double Tap Memory speedometer view to rotate to a 3D bar chart view.
  • Tap battery to see the battery capacity for your favorite apps.
  • Shows the used and free space on your iPhone/iPod.
  • Shows the IP address acquired, and hardware address of your device.

Here are the various view screens on my iPad 2:

Memory Tab shows you information about used and free memory, and it also frees your memory when ever it is opened (for all device models), or brought into focus (only in multi-tasking supported devices – iOS4 devices). So, if your are running in low memory, your apps will crash frequently and you have to restart your phone to solve this.

System Monitor

Now with System Monitor, you just open this app and select memory tab, and you will see the app frees memory for you.

Battery Tab lets you know about the battery level and gives you a detailed view about how long you could use your device without recharging based on your battery health.

System Monitor
It also allow you to specify your battery health.

Process Tab lists the current running process so that you can be aware of any unwanted or not needed app still running.

Some applications may use Push notifications and locations services, which may drain your battery. This list helps you find the running applications you don’t need so you can terminate them.

Disk Information provides a pie chart visual that shows the total, used and free disk space.

Disk space is the storage memory where your apps, music and other files gets stored. Your device may have 8GB/32GB/64GB of disk space.

System Information lets you know about your device’s unique id, MAC address, IP Address, device name & model, OS Version, and Bus Frequency, along with your device’s last boot time (i.e. last time when you switched on your device).

System Monitor

After checking it out, I think System Monitor is pretty cool. Results are rendered almost instantly, even on my old A5 powered iPad with 512 MB of RAM. A slight annoyance for users who spend nearly all of our time in landscape mode is that System Monitor is portrait orientation only, but that’s not a big deal.

System Monitor requires iOS 7.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The regular price for System Monitor is $.99, but at this writing it’s being offered for free on the App Store. Grab it while the grabbing’s good.

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  • Barry Klein

    says 99 cents to me…

  • OWC Rich G

    Just received this, 8/25/14, and cost is .99? No “try & buy option. . .

  • Kevin

    Still sells for 99 cents

  • Peter

    Not free will cost £0.69