Technology Tell’s back-AT-school iPad necessity giveaway

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Chances are pretty good that you’re already back at school. Good for you, I say; learn all about the Faulkner, the organometallic chemistry, and the capital of Burkina Faso (it’s Ouagadougou, in case you haven’t gotten that far yet). Hopefully you’ve got an iPad to help you along the way, mainly because we’ve got an iPad accessory package to give away.

From now through September 5th, Technology Tell will be accepting entries for a trio of iPad necessities: a Moshi iVisor XT for your choice of 3rd gen iPad or iPad Air, a custom decorated Papernomad Zattere Sleeve for iPad, and an iLuv Aud 5 Lightning Speaker Dock.

iVisor XT

Moshi’s iVisor XT provides 100% bubble-free protection for your iPad screen with unparalleled clarity, and can be washed and reapplied repeatedly. The hardened surface treatment offers enhanced scratch protection, while the MicroGrid technology ensures optimal touch sensitivity.

iVisor XT for iPad

It’s an excellent way to keep your iPad screen safe as you take it classes or (worse) lend it to a frat brother. Our winner will be able to pick from the iVisor XT for iPad Air or 3rd gen iPad, both in black. The iVisor XT is valued at $29.95

Zattere Sleeve for iPad

To protect your entire iPad, we’re also giving away the Papernomad Zattere Sleeve for iPad featuring a custom illustration from Cleveland-based artist and musician David Cintron.

Papernomad Zattere iPad sleeve

As described at Griffin’s website:

The simple padded sleeve made of Papernomad’s patented paper composite arrives waiting to be drawn on, marked on, written on, dreamed on. Crayons, ink, coffee stains, lipstick, pencil, everything you use to make your mark on the world can leave it on your Papernomad.

The sleeve is lined with wool felt and features a hemp pull-strap that slowly raises the edge of your device out of the sleeve when you need it. The strap closes with a hidden magnet.

Although designed for the iPad 2, 3 and 4th gen, we’ve found it makes a pretty good fit for the iPad Air with a Smart Cover. The Zattere Sleeve is valued at $49.99.

Aud 5 Lightning Speaker Dock

And lastly, the iLuv Aud 5 is “… a handsome speaker dock that’s meant to be the centerpiece of any room.” It’s made for iPhone and iPod touch, not iPad, but surely you have one of those, too, right? Or maybe your roommate will like it. Either way, it features:

  • Full-range stereo sound
  • The ability to play and charge your device via Apple Lightning connector
  • Convenient top-mounted controls
  • An auxiliary input to directly connect to other devices

iLuv Aud 5

The iLuv Aud 5 is valued at $129.99.

How to Enter

So, wouldn’t all of this look great sitting in your dorm room or bedroom or wherever you use your iPad? Of course! And to win it, all you have to do is read our giveaway rules and regulations, then comment below to tell us your favorite iPad app, be it for schoolwork or for avoiding schoolwork.

We’ll accept entries through Friday, September 5th. Good luck!

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  • Penniless Teacher

    Current favorite is Viggle! :-) Love earning free things!

  • kathy harmon


  • Darlene Wright

    My favorite app is zinio! Love reading my magazines!

  • Krithik Rao

    Zite amazing but Quoras not bad either.

  • Selma

    Rdio and Soundcloud while working on assignments :)

  • Rachel Chang

    My current favorite iPad app is Twitter! It’s a great distraction from my readings 😉

  • Susan Moseley

    Creatures of Light for Biology.

  • Doris

    I love any type of language learning app. I love Duolingo on my smartphone.

  • Robert Yee

    I love the eBay App, for selling my stuff and buying stuff!

  • Allen Puy

    My favorite right now is Simplenoteapp–great for taking notes and synching to any number of devices!

  • kim crane

    I’m a TV girl so it’s Viggle!

  • Sharon Howard

    My favorite is Candy Crush although I hate to admit. I want to win for one of twin college students or they can share or divide. I need all the help I can get to get them through college after losing my husband 20 months ago to cancer it’s just me trying to help them finish. Thank You for the chance.

  • Jacob LaFountaine

    I love Zite sadly it will disappear into the flipboard world.

  • Ira Apt

    Been playing Sudoku 2 app since i got my first phone. Still luv it for it’s simplicity.

  • BillJude56

    My favorite is Tweetbot.

  • Toni Moore

    I love SketchBook Pro for drawing up furniture design concepts for my refinishin’ biz! 😀

  • Lorraine

    Favorite iPad app: Facetime

  • Melissa Teears

    My favorite app is Pandora! !!!

  • Nancy Reid

    Still addicted to Words with Friends. I have always loved scrabble so Words with Friends keeps me entertained on the go and with so many of my friends and family near and far. I have 6 games going right now!

  • David Berkowitz

    I like next issue for fun, amazon kindle as well and cloudmagic for accessing email.

  • Curtis Lu


  • Angela Martini

    I really love scrabble app

  • Nicole Vosburgh

    Pandora is my favorite app! I love listening to music and it makes the time go by so quickly!

  • Arena Thompson

    My favorite is the Tumblr app.. :)

  • Heather D

    Right now, my favorite app is WordBrain!

  • deanna hanson

    my fave app is the gps use that one all the time

  • Lisa L

    My favorite app is the amazon app.

  • Rachel

    I love pandora!!! :)

    rachelmarietravis at gmail dot com

  • brent s

    my favorite app is Skype

  • Patty

    My fav is Pandora – need some music while I work.

  • James Person


  • Stan Tracy

    My favorite App, I’m ashamed to say is Netflix

  • carol clark

    Favorite iPad app is Facetime

  • Joe Sterne

    Fav app would be Planetary (app that visualizes your music library).

  • Nina

    My most used iPad app is the Netflix App

  • brian

    Simple note has helped me a lot and I use it daily

  • Sharon

    Pandora is my favorite.

  • Erika C.

    BitsBoard is an App we absolutely love, its an App for autism to help our son communicate.

  • Anastasia

    Pretty much every game app there is lol For me, currently, it’s Candy Crush that distracts me from working :)

  • Audrey H.

    My favorite app is either of the plants vs zombies games. Though I call them my procrastination games lol that ipad sleeve from papernomad is pretty neat looking!

  • Regina M

    Candy Crush or my local radio station app.

  • steven weber

    I love the Flippa App.

  • luther champ

    I rock the ZINIO APP.

  • Linda


  • Kevan Newman

    NetFlix, is by far my Favorite App!!

  • Sean M

    Soundcloud is great for discovering new tunes

  • Justin

    Probably Netflix for avoiding school! I just can’t get enough of it!

  • Shelbie Johnston

    My absolute fav is Pandora!

  • Amanda Harbin

    Netflix !

  • Jen

    I like Spotify

  • Aaron

    Weather Channel app!

  • David Son

    flipboard for avoiding school work!

  • Katie Contests

    My favorite app is Netflix!

  • Patrycja Chudziak

    My favorite app is Pandora!! I can not function if I dont have great music playing.

  • Thomas Huff

    The Weather Channel app is my favorite.

  • Doug Niemczura

    i avoid life with Netflix

  • Eric

    Flipboard. Keeps me up-to-date with the world.

  • Dustin

    Simplenote is definitely a favorite

  • Thomas S

    iHeart Radio app is my favorite

  • Marci

    My fave is scrabble!

  • Matt Kalist

    Creatures of Light for Biology.

  • Laura

    I am absolutely in love with Instagram!

  • Nicole Shaffer

    My favorite app is Pandora

  • CR Williams

    I would have to say the evernote app. It helps me to stay organized

  • Linda Ann

    iStudiez Pro is my favorite app for college!! I absolutely love this! I am terrible with writing assignments down so now with my iPad that I am eager to use all the time, I keep track of my homework better. It has awesome reviews too! 2011 Best College Student App
    2010 Best Young Adults App for iPad! 2010 Best Parenting App for iPad! So it is for a lot of things for “school” By far my favorite app for schoolwork.

  • Joan Kubes

    My favorite ap is Twitter, can’t live without it.

  • Robert

    I recently started using the Evernote app to streamline the process of organization- now I am gradually training myself to stop piling up scribbled-on scraps of paper and Post-It notes!

  • Ron Miller

    Facetime is my favorite

  • Carrie Conley

    Unfortunately, its Candy Crush….

  • Stephen Saunders

    I like the Bible app. It’s great. love it

  • Carla Dodd

    I love the Google Earth app, because I can go everywhere I want really cheap, lol.

  • Nathan

    been on Unseen a ton lately. great time waster for college students

  • Jamie

    My favorite app is Notability. Thank you!