Review: Magnus Air offers minimal display for iPad Air

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Straight off, I want to make it clear that with the Magnus Air magnetic stand for iPad Air, you have to accept one rather severe limitation. Because the Magnus Air utilizes the iPad Air’s magnets to provide the attachment, you can only orient it horizontally, with the home button on the right. Vertical placement simply will not work, nor will any orientation if your iPad Air is inside a case.

That’s a pretty severe restriction, and it hurts the Magnus Air as an option for practical use. If you can work around that, though, the Magnus Air is a wonderfully designed, well-contructed stand that certainly does have its uses.

As you can see from the photo below, the Magnus Air is an extremely low-profile piece of hardware made from aluminum and smooth polycarbonate, with a wide rubber skid on the bottom.

Magnus Air

Measuring 5-7/8″ wide by 2-3/4″ deep, it doesn’t take up much space on your desk. The most impressive measurement, though, is the approximate 1″ height. That’s all the Magnus Air needs to hold your iPad Air in place, so it’s not dominating your desk when it’s not in use. Ten One is able to achieve this through Magnets; the iPad Air snaps into place and is held tight. Lift up your iPad, and the Magnus Air is coming with it.

Magnus Air

When in place, the iPad Air is held at a 22° viewing angle, which is pretty good for general desk use when sitting at it. The Ten One website claims it’s good for recipe display in kitchens, too, but I would’ve preferred it tilt back a bit further for that, or be higher up.

Instead, I think the Magnus Air would be best served for higher end uses such as art exhibits or expo displays. The incredibly low profile means you’re only seeing the iPad and its screen content, not some large frame.

Magnus Air

And with the magnets and low center of gravity, the iPad is in no real danger of being knocked over.

The Magnus Air is also pretty handy for getting some work done, as you can flip it to attach the iPad Air at an angle appropriate for typing.

Magnus Air

So, understand your needs. If you don’t use a case (although skins are fine) and if you’re okay with the angle and orientation restrictions, the Magnus Air offers a steady, durable, elegant method for displaying what’s on your iPad Air.

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Ten One Designs Magnus Air review

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  • Gordon Lee

    It’s a good price for a design-centric piece though. Their last generation was priced at $49.99.