Always have the right charging cable with the Syncable Duo

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Here’s a product I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of on the market. Considering that many of us iPhone and iPad owners also have devices that charge via micro USB, getting one cable that can handle that and Lightning is a very good idea. That’s exactly what you get with TYLT’s Syncable Duo Charge and Sync Cable.

tylt syncable duo

Granted most devices that require charging will come with the proper cable to do so, but it’s a hassle to always move them around. They can get lost or get damaged, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll often end up with the wrong cable at the wrong time. The Syncable-Duo eliminates that possibility.

The Syncable Duo’s micro-USB connector instantly transforms into an Apple MFi certified Lightning cable simply by plugging it into the Lightning extension that comes tethered to the Syncable Duo. Available in a variety of different lengths and colors ($24.99-$29.99), the Syncable-Duo is a must-have accessory for staying organized and fully charged.

Where I see this being most handy is in the car. With one cable, I can make sure my SuperTooth HD Voice, Flash Magicstick, iPhone and iPod nano are always capable of an emergency charge.

tylt syncable duo

The TYLT Syncable Duo is available now in green, red, blue and black at 1 foot ($24.99), 2 foot ($26.99) and 3.3 foot ($29.99) lengths. For more information, visit


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  • Gordon Lee

    The micro-usb connection looks like it’ll become loose over time. Durability might be why there hasn’t been more of these products in the market…