What else does that iPhone 6 user guide leak reveal?

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Yesterday, we covered a new leak from Steve Hemmerstoffer, founder and editor of French blog, of the user guide for the upcoming iPhone 6. is known for featuring the latest leaks and rumors of iOS devices, and they have a track record that’s much better than with most rumor sites.

Hemmerstoffer wrote in his blog post about how last year—just hours before the iPhone 5s debut—he received an image from one of his trusted and loyal Chinese sources that confirmed the new fingerprint authentication features of the iPhone 5s home button. Now, his sources have sent him the widely seen image of the iPhone 6 instruction card dated, “Tuesday September 9.”

iphone 6 user guide

Hemmerstoffer posted it saying (with the help of Google Translate), “Imagine that this year, the small document that acts as a guide for quick use of smartphones California confirms information prematurely premier, the official launch date of the iPhone 6 to 4.7 inches! … Of course assuming that the document is genuine, I am this time unfortunately unable to provide. But I remain confident.”

This user guide is usually included in the box to provide a quick overview of the buttons and functions. Hemmerstoffer claims it is fresh of the presses, yet it may not be the final version and there might be rooms for modifications. For example, will the sleep/wake button actually be on the side of the iPhone 6, as opposed to on top as with every iPhone model before it?

Along with this leaked image, he also mentioned that the upcoming iPhone 6 packaging will include a plain white box with “iPhone 6″ on the lid without the product image. Lastly, his sources said the iPhone 6 will come with 128GB internal storage.

We’ll find out for sure in a couple of weeks, but we’re comfortable saying that this all sounds legit to us.

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