The Best Free Apps for August 29, 2014

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best free appsDo you take long boring videos with worthless audio tracks? If so, there’s good news in this week’s best free apps list. With Instagram’s Hyperlapse app, you can speed those videos up and stabilize them to make something more like a time-lapse video. The effect is very interesting, and the app is totally free.

If free isn’t good enough, maybe you should download Tiny Tower Vegas and be in charge of your very own hotel and casino, and even try your hand at gambling. Or maybe you just want to break ice like a Viking in Icebreaker. It’s Apple’s App of the Week. Think of Angry Birds, but instead of flinging birds, you break ice to solve the puzzle. All this and more…

The Best Free iOS Apps:

  • Hyperlapse from Instagram – Video is a great medium, but sometimes you take videos that are just too long. Hyperlapse is an app that can take your long videos and speed them up in a way that’s much better than just playing it faster. It stabilizes your video to smooth out the bumps in the road and give you that high production quality feel without costing a thing. You can, and even should, take videos while in motion (walking, running, falling). And since it’s from Instagram, you know they’re ready to share your masterpiece everywhere online.
  • Tiny Tower Vegas – What happens in Vegas…well, that’s up to you, I suppose, because you’re in charge. Yes, Tiny Tower puts you in charge of building and managing your own hotel. But it wouldn’t be Vegas without a casino, right? Not only are you in charge, you can bet your own chips to get rich quick.
  • Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage – Little did you know that an icebreaker is actually a Viking. An icy wind has swept the Vikings away, leaving them stranded throughout the land and surrounded by trolls, traps, and enemies. You must break the ice and save them! It’s a physics-based puzzler, not unlike Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and the like. Sounds good, right? Apple thought so, too, and made it their App of the Week, so download it while it’s free.

The Other Free iOS Apps (some for a limited time):

  • Path Input – Just can’t wait for custom keyboards in iOS 8? That’s OK, this app has a swipe-based keyboard interface for typing. It’ll also be upgraded to a full-on custom keyboard once we all have iOS 8.
  • Grid Diary – If you like the idea of keeping a journal but don’t have the motivation to write that much, this app might be for you. This app give you a pre-defined template for filling out daily entries. It can be as simple as answering the same question every day, or more. It syncs via iCloud, has passcode support, and much more.
  • Night Sky Astronomy Guide – Is your iOS device lacking a nighttime sky app? Then you pretty much have to download this one. This app, through augmented reality, will help point out stars, planets, galaxies, constellations, and satellites that are in the night sky.
  • JELLIES! – Can you catch em all? Not Pokemon…jellies! You catch them with bombs, clocks, and electroshock. That’s right, join Bob the Fisherman, then traverse the high seas, navigate arctic glaciers, and more to find Bob’s fingers. Apparently the wicked jellies have bitten them. So, naturally, go on a quest to kill as many as possible.
  • Stronghold 3: The Campaigns – This game makes resistance feudal. It’s part of the ultimate castle building game series. It’s a cross between a city builder and real-time strategy game. The key is the castle. Build it, manage it, and defend it. That’s the whole game.
  • Trainz Driver – If you’re anything like Sheldon Cooper, then you dream of conducting a train. This game puts you in the cab of a variety of locomotives. There’s an easy mode and a realistic mode for controls. With multiple cameras, you don’t have to be limited to the cab. Observe the train or the terrain. Are you ready for real horsepower?
  • Pathogen – This is an award-winning strategy game that’s like a board game. The game is inspired by the way viruses spread through the human body. There are many play modes andmap styles, and you can even create and share your own maps if you like. It’s easy to learn, but hard to master.
  • Shapist – Do you like sliding block puzzle games? This is one of those. There are 65 puzzles to solve, but there are no words, punishment, tutorials, time limits, or scores. Just the game.
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