Review: Ultima – Model S phone mount

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From our friends in Australia comes the Ultima – Model S phone mount for your vehicle. Use it with the mount pointing up or down—it looks good in either hemisphere.

Ultima - Model S
The Ultima – Model S is a phone mount for either your windshield or dash. The unit has a robust suction cup which is engaged by turning the lever 1/4 turn. It takes a wee bit of effort to turn, but the result is an unshakable grip on your windshield. The unit comes with a sticky pad so you can mount it on virtually any dash. Use the suction cup on the sticky pad just as you would on a windshield, and you get the same rock steady grip. Don’t worry about the sticky pad; I placed it and moved it a few times and it doesn’t leave marks, but it will adhere to almost any hard surface.

The other end of the unit sports a pad with the same reusable adhesive. I will caution you regarding iPhone cases here; I would not recommend using this mount with some of the leather wraps/cases, as the pad is sticky enough that the process of removing your phone may delaminate the layers of leather. Your naked iPhone or any hard case, however, should be fine. The pad holds on very well and leaves no marks when you take your phone off the unit. Removing your phone will be a bit of a chore, but if you use a lever action it will peel off the pad OK. If the sticky pad gets a bit dirty and starts to lose its grip, simply rinse it with water and rub off the dirt and you’re ready to go again.

The arm of the Ultima – Model S is made of aluminium and is built to be very strong and lightweight. The angle and length of the arm allow for mounting of various sized devices while providing room to adjust for good visibility. The pad on the phone end of the mount is set in a swivel joint which allows you to tilt or rotate your phone, so you don’t need to worry about lining up your phone just right to mount it. On the back side of this section are three set screws. These can be used to adjust the tension of the swivel joint or to remove the pad for replacement if needed. The Ultima S comes with a handy hex driver to tighten/loosen these screws.

Ultima - Model S

Speaking of replacements, on the NKMOS website you can purchase extra sticky pads for dash mounting, replacement suction cups, and an Ultima MS conversion kit which includes the mounting pad, back plate and set screws. Personally , I like this sort of product support; no need to worry about the whole stand being rendered a fancy paperweight if one component gives out. Kudos to NKMOS for making the parts easy to find and acquire.

About the only feature which is not perfect with this unit is the clear cap over the suction cup. Under the right (perhaps wrong?) lighting conditions you may end up with some glare in your eyes. It only happened to me a couple times when the sun was in just the right position to allow the shiny, clear plastic to send a reflection right at my head. Not a big deal, just a point of bright light, but a matte finish on the suction cup cover might be in order. The problem there may be premature oxidation of the plastic. I suppose everything is a series of trade-offs, but I’m betting there is a good solution out there.

I have used the Ultima – Model S dash mounted and windscreen mounted for a couple of weeks, and it works great either way. The price may seem a bit high, but it a solid piece of hardware with the versatility to hold almost anything with a flat back while providing full screen access.

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Ultima S phone mount review

Buy the Ultima – Model S phone mount

Developer: NKMOS
Minimum Requirements: Any iPhone or similarly sized smartphone
Price: $69.95
Availability: Now in silver, pre-orders being accepted for black model

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