Review: A new look at the Nuvango iPhone 5c case

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Earlier this summer, GelaSkins became Nuvango and got an updated website. That gave us incentive to take another look at their products, as we hadn’t done so since reviewing their skin for the iPhone 5 nearly two years ago. Here on the verge of the iPhone 6, we decided to take a quick look at the Nuvango iPhone 5c case for all those who aren’t upgrading (or can’t, contractually). The good news for you all is that you’re free to go ahead and grab your Nuvango now.

Nuvango iPhone 5c case

As it was with GelaSkins, Nuvango focuses on the artist. The products reach well beyond mobile accessories now, as they also offer art prints and stretched canvases. Could getting a case that matches the print hanging in your living room become a thing? I suppose so. I would definitely get an iPad case of Richard Dadd’s The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke if it were available.

Nuvango’s website wants you to search by artist or collection, and you can even create your own gallery that others can see for inspiration if they share similar tastes.

Nuvango iPhone 5c case

New art is being added all the time, so I do recommend signing up for the Nuvango newsletter; you never know when it’ll inspire you to grab a new case or skin.

The Nuvango iPhone 5c case is constructed of thin plastic that offers just enough flexibility to get it on and off your iPhone without too much effort. The area around the volume buttons is a bit thin, so I recommend placing the phone against that side first and prying it off from the other side to make sure it doesn’t crack.

Nuvango iPhone 5c case

But the spacing for the buttons (and all necessary ports) is ample, allowing easy access where necessary.

As you can see in the photo above, the edges rise above the screen—even if it has a screen protector on (Nuvango offers one for an addtional $8.00, but it is not the one shown above)—minimizing the risk of screen damage if placed face down on a hard surface.

The back and sides extend over the bottom, so docking with third party hardware will present a problem if its Lightning connector doesn’t lift out a bit from the device.

Nuvango iPhone 5c case

The glossy finish is great for color reproduction, but it can also attract fingerprints and scratches. The design you choose can counter that, but there are other considerations here, too. First, the iPhone 5c has some pretty bold colors that will show through the case; you’ll want to consider how that will look. Second, each case comes with a matching wallpaper image you can use on your phone. If you plan to use this as your home screen, keep in mind that the artwork may be too busy to look good behind your icons. If that’s the case, I recommend running the artwork through an app like Blurify to create something better suited for the background.

About the only other thing I can say about the Nuvango iPhone 5c case is that when it comes to selecting one, give yourself a good half hour. Nuvango has so many designs from which to choose that you’ll likely be going back and forth for a while. Thankfully, you can highlight your favorites to make it easier to choose from that narrower group after you’ve gone through the whole thing. Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll have a very sharp looking case that provides solid scratch/scuff and basic drop protection, and you’ll be supporting the art community in the process. Let that be the justification for the somewhat steep asking price.

The final question is, then, where are you going to hang your matching canvas?

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Nuvango iPhone 5c case review

Buy the Nuvango iPhone 5c case

Provides: Protection from scuffs/scratches, minor drop protection
Developer: Nuvango
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5c (also available for other mobile devices)
Price: $35.00
Availability: Now

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