Apple releases rules for HealthKit, HomeKit apps

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Apple announces rules for HealthKit, HomeKit appsApple is beginning to place restrictions on applications that rely on HealthKit and HomeKit ahead of the release of iOS 8. The Review Guidelines for the App Store have been updated to reflect those restrictions, providing a way for developers to find out ahead of time what their apps can and cannot do. Of all the restrictions, one of the greatest is that HealthKit data of any sort cannot be stored in iCloud.

The majority of the restrictions apply to HealthKit. Not only does the App Store need to reject applications that could put user health information at-risk, it must also reject apps that provide services that fall in the FDA’s jurisdiction. If an application interprets health data to provide diagnoses or advice and does not have approval from the FDA, then it cannot be included in the store. While greatly limiting what an app can do with HealthKit data, the restrictions prevent the spread of bad information.

HealthKit is at the center of this guideline update, but HomeKit apps were mentioned. Apple says all HomeKit apps must come with privacy policies, and HomeKit applications are not allowed to collect and store information for advertising or data-mining purposes.

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