iPhone 6 case spotlight: Urban Armor Gear

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Through to the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Technology Tell will be taking a look at the iPhone 6 case lineups from manufacturers whose products we have reviewed for previous iPhone models. Check back each day as we help you determine which cases you should preorder (or wait for) to protect your new mobile device.

Urban Armor Gear Introduces Innovative New Cases for iPhone 6

Now, despite what we just told you above, we’ve never reviewed an Urban Armor Gear product here at the Technology Tell Apple Channel. But perhaps we should, and perhaps it should start with their Folio and Composite cases for iPhone 6. We haven’t taken a look at hardcore protection yet in our iPhone 6 case spotlight, after all, so here goes.

Urban Armor Gear’s Composite Case provides the ultimate in device protection. Constructed with a hard armor shell and a soft rubber core and bumpers, the ruggedized one-piece design shields the iPhone 6 from bumps, impact and scratches. As with all UAG products, users will enjoy unobstructed functionality of their phone’s features, with glare-free flash photos and uncompromised audio.

The Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6 composite cases are available in six colors: black, white, rust (orange), plasma (pink), slate (blue) and ice (clear).

iPhone6 cases UAG

All colors are available now at for $34.95 for the iPhone 6 and $39.95 for the iPhone 6 Plus.

If you can wait a little bit (and aren’t getting the iPhone 6 Plus, you can also try the Folio Case.

The new iPhone 6 Folio Case continues UAG’s legendary protection while introducing storage capability for up to 3 credit cards or cash. The iPhone 6 Folio case features a feather-light impact resistant rubber core and is constructed with a strong magnetic latching cover, keeping your phone and cards secure and protected. The case also employs FrogSkin technology to provide tactile grip even amidst damp conditions.

FrogSkin technology? That a branch off of Doc Hopper’s Frog Legs? They’re not available in green (rather, black and red), so perhaps not.

iPhone6 cases UAG

The iPhone 6 Folio Case will be available soon at for $39.95

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