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Each day from now through the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Technology Tell will be taking a look at the iPhone 6 case lineup from manufacturers whose products we have reviewed for previous iPhone models. Check back each day as we help you determine which cases you should preorder (or wait for) to protect your new mobile device.

designed by m Introduces Stunning Collection of Minimalist Accessories for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

designed by m is branching out. We reviewed and loved the original Al13 aluminum bumper for iPhone, we reviewed and love the the mPact Glass screen protector, and we haven’t reviewed (but love) the AL13 v2. So, which of these are coming to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus?

The AL13 v2 is being replaced by the AL13 v3, which provides aluminum protection without changing the look of your iPhone 6, retaining its rounded edges and elegant design. It’s also available in silver, champagne, space gray, along with matte black, and believer green if you’d like a break from Apple’s colors.

iphone 6 case spotlight - designed by m

Additional features include:

  • It’s crafted from aerospace aluminum
  • It’s tough, yet incredibly lightweight
  • It has shock absorbent, anti-scuff rubber lining
  • It requires no screws for installation
  • mPact Film is included

You can pre-order the AL13 v3 now for $55 at ($64.99 for the iPhone 6 Plus), and it’ll retail for $79.99.

The mPact Glass will also get its appropriately sized update. As before, it’s cut from a single sheet of glass that’s treated to be heat and pressure resistant for extreme screen protection. And despite its diminutive 0.4mm thickness, it’s still three times harder than traditional screen protectors. You can pre-order now for $24.99, with shipments to come in December.

But here’s what’s new: Phone Treats. The new case line includes the SLIM, ThreeD and BEZEL models, all of which are a “treat” for you and your new iPhone.

iphone 6 case spotlight - designed by m

As described by the company:

The SLIM Case for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is ultra-durable and lightweight, creating a reliable solution for protecting the iPhone 6 from drops and impacts. With its sleek and elegant design you’ll forget it’s there. Available in clear translucent, smoke clear, solid black, space gray, white, and champagne. Pre-order now for $14.99; retail $19.99 at

BEZEL Case molded from uber premium thermoplastic polyurethane andpolycarbonate composite for the iPhone 6 and 6+. This blend of materials makes BEZEL a durable and lightweight case to protect your iPhone from drops, scratches and impacts. Our precise craftsmanship guarantees a perfect fit that not only protects your iPhone but blends in with iPhone aesthetics. Available in black, silver, champagne, space gray, matte black, and believer green. Pre-order now for $19.99; retail $24.99 at

Inspired by triangular number sequence, ThreeD is crafted from uber premium polycarbonate composite for the iPhone 6. ThreeD is Ultra durable, lightweight and non-toxic; creating a reliable solution for protecting the iPhone 6 from impacts. Available in black, space gray, white, and champagne. Pre-order now for $19.99; retail $24.99 at

And finally, there’s the Trilogy iPhone Dock, Stand and Sound Amplifierfor iPhone 6.

The minimal yet brilliant design of the Trilogy redefines what an iPhone dock should be. The Trilogy iPhone dock can be used as a stand in the vertical position or in landscape position; prefect for watching movies or bedside mode for an elegant alarm clock. Trilogy also has a built in sound projector amplifier which enhances audio quality when on phone calls, face time, listening to music, or watching your favorite videos. Available in black or silver. Pre-order now for $49.99; retail $59.99

It’s a lot to consider, I know, and we have less than two days before our iPhones arrive. But before you hurry out and jump on something else, take a look at the designed by m lineup for iPhone 6. They’ve created wonderful products for us thus far—products that fit nearly perfectly within the Apple design aesthetic—and it looks like their iPhone 6 lineup will be no different.

To see more iPhone 6 case options, check out the other entries in our iPhone 6 case spotlight series.

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  • guest1

    Has anyone actually received an AL13 v3? I “preordered” my on 10/21 and have not receive it yet.

  • SM

    No. Same Here. Pre-ordered on October 24 when the site estimated it would be 4-6 weeks. After the 6 week I contacted them and they estimated December 8 to 17. Its the final day of that estimate and I don’t have much hope I’m afraid.


    DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY…I had high hopes for this company and their products, but once the product arrived it was defective. I immediately wrote the company and have received no response for 4 days. Previously, when I wrote the company to try and cancel my order due to shipping delays that extended over 3 months they were quick to reply. I have no faith in this company and their defective products and unethical business practice of not honoring their own return policy and warranty. Next step is reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and filing a complaint with AMEX to get a refund.

  • Denny Dombkowski

    I got my AL13 v3. Unfortunately, it’s 100% unusable.

    Unlike the previous Designed by Many cases I’ve tried, this one, rather than leaving a recess for you to reach the volume, sleep/wake buttons, and silent/ring toggle switch, it has an overlay in the chassis that replaces the buttons. I’ve seen this several times in other bumpers, and this one works really well until you get to the silent/ring toggle switch.

    There’s no punches to pull here. The silent/ring toggle switch inset doesn’t work at all. You put the bumper switch over the actual switch when you install the bumper, trying carefully to match them up, only to find that the bumper switch feels loose to the touch. Try as you might, you won’t be able to turn the phone to silent and back. Only when I pressed down on the switch with the force of a thousand suns, was I able to reach the actual toggle switch on the iPhone and switch it to silent and back.. and then only sometimes. I’d like to see what’s going on, on the inside, but I have a feeling that either the slots meant to toggle the inner switch are too narrow, or the switch itself isn’t snug enough.

    Either way, it was a very poor design choice. They took a risk when they deviated from their usual, and the risk blew up in their face. I have no idea who in their right mind would want this case that disables one of the core functions of their phone. It makes me really sad, because the rest of the bumper is really high quality, and I would definitely recommend it if it were not for this one, very critical, flaw.

  • Jessie Matanky

    Ordered a case from them and it broke within 2 weeks. Terrible quality, and they want you to have the packaging (threw that out the day I got it) and the product has to be ‘like-new’ to exchange or get a refund. It’s kindof hard to have a like-new product when it breaks right away!! Based on other reviews I am expecting to get a run around and not get the refund I deserve. :( Two thumbs DOWN.