Review: We start off with the Perseus Gel Case for iPhone 6

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Okay, the iPhone 6. Cases are going to be changed a bit this time around, as we’ve got larger phones to consider, curved edges to wrap up, and reconfigured button placement. The first case to be put through the ringer is the Perseus Gel Case from Trident Case, as it’s the one I’ve been using from the moment my iPhone 6 arrived on Friday.

Perseus Gel Case for iPhone 6

Perseus, of course, is the dude who killed Medusa in Greek mythology. Here, he’s just a translucent TPU case that offers light protection from drops and scuff/scratches on the back of your iPhone 6. You also get some screen protection with the included screen protector, but these free ones are never all that great, and should only be used until you’re able to upgrade to a glass screen protector.

It being polyurethane based, the Perseus Gel Case is somewhat flexible and therefore easy to apply to and remove from your iPhone 6. Hard plastic cases may be a problem now that there are buttons on both sides of the iPhone, but it was easy to get the phone into the Perseus by sliding the top in first, then simply popping the edges over the screen (doing so sometimes activated the mute switch). The edges rise enough over the phone to prevent the screen from touching the surface when placed face down, and the edges are completely protected, save for the necessary ports at the bottom. You won’t be able to dock the iPhone with any third-party accessories when it’s in the Perseus, but this isn’t a tremendous hassle because it’s so easy to remove.

Perseus Gel Case for iPhone 6

The camera opening on the back is wide enough that it won’t interfere at all with your shots, and the case thickness is enough to keep the protruding lens safe from contact with surfaces.

The only problem I had with the Perseus is only partly Trident’s fault. Apple has placed the sleep/wake button opposite the volume buttons on the side with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Using my thumb to push the sleep/wake button, my fingers naturally rest right over volume buttons. This isn’t a terrible problem when I’m using the phone naked, but the Perseus requires a harder push to activate the sleep/wake button under the case. As as result, I was forced to squeeze hard enough to also hit the volume buttons, causing me to turn the iPhone up or down when I meant to put it to sleep. I’m curious to see how much of an issue this will be with other iPhone 6 cases.

Perseus Gel Case for iPhone 6

I’ll be using a lot of cases in the coming weeks and months as new models are sent over for review. I have a feeling, though, that the Perseus Gel Case could be the one I go back to between review periods. It’s easy to use, it offers decent protection, and I like the way our purple test units looks on my space gray iPhone. If purple isn’t your color, the case is also available in black, blue, clear, pink, smoke and Trident green.

Perhaps the best feature, however, is the price. At only $19.99, the Perseus Gel Case makes a great starter case while you wait for your favorite brands to announce or release their updates. Play it safe, pick up a Perseus, and you may just find there’s no reason to move along to something else.

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the Perseus Gel Case for iPhone 6

Provides: Protection from scuffs/scratches, minor drop protection
Developer: Trident Case
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6
Price: $19.95
Availability: Now

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  • Truffol

    Definitely pick up just any case, however crappy or plasticky, to protect your new iPhone before better options roll out in the upcoming months. Have seen too may friends who “hold out” for a new case and broke their screens in the mean time.