iPhone 6 case spotlight: EXOvault

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If there’s one thing we learned from our iPhone 6 case spotlights leading up to the iPhone 6 launch, it’s that our readers want to know about the cases available to them. As such, Technology Tell is continuing our look at the iPhone 6 case lineup from manufacturers whose products we have reviewed for previous iPhone models. Check back each day as we help you determine which cases you should buy (or wait for) to protect your new mobile device.

Make a Statement with EXOvault Designs

Here’s another case with which we have no previous experience, but considering the worldwide catastrophe that is Bentgate or Bendgate or whatever clever-clever name the tech web has given this whole bent iPhone thing, I thought it would be best to take a look at an iPhone 6 case that may help prevent such problems. So, here’s EXOvault.

iPhone 6 case exovault

EXOvault cases are designed to complement the designs for which Apple is known. Brooklyn-based artists fuse sculpture, tech and design to produce pocket-sized, functional art. “Pocket” is the important term today, considering the lives that have been ruined by placing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in pants pockets and then sitting down.

How can EXOvault help? Their cases are machined in a selection of high-quality metals and woods. EXOvault’s iPhone 6 line offers three distinct styles: a light, minimal metallic (aluminum or brass); a robust composite forging wood and metals; and a functional beauty featuring a magnetic closure for easy access. Are these going to protect your iPhone 6 from the pressure and curves of your body? That remains to be seen, but they certainly couldn’t hurt.

iPhone 6 case exovault

The cases run from $120 to $440, based on the materials used. That’s up there, yes, but your iPhone 6 is certainly worth it, and the combined cost should be enough to remind even the trendiest of millennials to perhaps keep the iPhone out of the pockets of one’s skinny jeans.

The first iPhone 6 cases are available for online pre-orders now, and are expected to start shipping within a week or so. For more information, visit

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  • Worker

    If the exovault uses metal, won’t that interfere with the iPhone antenna?

  • Kathy schipper

    I’ve had an exovault case for each of my 3 iPhones and I will buy another when I get the 6. There are no cases like it. I don’t say this lightly. I’m a designer and it’s important to me. I love the design of iPhone – covering it with a case was cheap. But the exovault case is equally well designed and with materials that feel wonderful to touch. I’ve never experienced reception issues. It’s a unique case, one I feel reflects my sense of style.

  • Ernie D.

    How can we get an EXOVault case. I just purchased an iPhone6 and would love to buy such a case for my iPhone. Please advise and thank you.

  • Palladin

    I pre-ordered my $300 brass case, with a $100 deposit, for iPhone 6 plus on Sep 8 2014 . It is now Feb 5 2015. I have just been informed there will be another two week delay. Six months for delivery is absurd! Great product but the worse customer service.