iPhone 6 case spotlight: Evutec

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If there’s one thing we learned from our iPhone 6 case spotlights leading up to the iPhone 6 launch, it’s that our readers want to know about the cases available to them. As such, Technology Tell is continuing our look at the iPhone 6 case lineup from manufacturers whose products we have reviewed for previous iPhone models. Check back each day as we help you determine which cases you should buy (or wait for) to protect your new mobile device.

Evutec announces the Karbon S and SI Kevlar cases for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Why settle for making your iPhone 6 bend-proof when you can make it bullet-proof?

Okay, Evutec’s cases won’t actually make your iPhone 6 bullet-proof, but they are the first to release Kevlar constructed cases. The company uses advanced composite materials and state of the art manufacturing facilities to design and construct cases that meet the challenges of the iPhone 6’s larger size, curved edges, bevelled glass and raised camera lens. I especially like that both sides of the case have openings for the volume buttons and the sleep/wake button, which means you won’t mute your phone or shut it off every time you take the case on or off.

iPhone 6 case spotlight evutec

Evutec’s unique, 4D thermo forming technique shapes the Kevlar outer shell, and all the appropriate case openings are then laser cut to provide what Evutec calls “the best fitting case on the market.” And to increase durability, a patented five layer Evutouch scratch resistant coating is applied.

One of the results is the new Karbon S (Sleek) case, made a material five times stronger than steel, but at the same weight. DuPont Kevlar does not contain any metal properties and will not block any GPS, WiFi or cellular signals. And at only 0.7mm thick, the Karbon S case around your iPhone 6 is equal to the same thickness as the iPhone 5 device without a case.

Evutec’s Karbon SI (Sleek Impact) provides a similar Kevlar outer shell, but is fused with a shock absorbing inner layer for additional protection.

If you like the idea of a Kevlar case but haven’t been pleased with the color options available, Evutec has addressed that issue with their iPhone 6 lineup. The new Karbon S and SI for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will come with a range of new color options.

iPhone 6 case spotlight evutec

We’re told it takes a full year to develop a new color due to the original color of Kevlar, so they’re very exciting to announce these new colors with the launch of the iPhone 6:

  • Osprey (black and gray) – The colors of the most advanced protective technology used today.
  • Kozane (red and black) – Inspired by Japanese Samurai scale armor, made of leather and steel from the 11th Century.
  • Brewster (black and rose gold) – Based on body armor developed by the US Army during World War I, made of steel and nickel with a rose gold sheen.
  • Brigandine (orange and orange) – Based on a form of body armor from the middle ages, lined with oblong steel plates and riveted to the fabric.
  • Kalantar (rose gold and rose gold) – Inspired by 14th Century Russian armor decorated with gold inlay, decorative patterns and engravings.
  • Lorica (red and orange) – Based on a hard protective breast plate worn by soldiers in ancient Rome made of leather and steel plates. Colors were of chestnut hue and red was preferred by many legions.

In addition to the Karbon S (available now for iPhone 6 and coming soon to iPhone 6 Plus) and the Karbon SI Series (coming soon to iPhone 6), Evutec has a Wood Series that is also coming soon to iPhone 6.

iphone 6 case spotlight - evutec

You can learn more about Evutec’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus lineup at You can check out our full collection of iPhone 6 case product announcements in the iPhone 6 case spotlight series.

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  • Dennis Shaw

    Hi, i would like to know when are the evutec karbon si osprey iPhone 6 plus cases going to be available.

  • Jörg

    I would like to know if it is possible to Order from Germany.

  • Phil Griffin

    Same here. I need one for an iPhone 6Plus. When will they be out?